Swap the rifle for the bow and shoot down a 115-pound wild boar with impressive pocket knives

Juan Carlos Sánchez Yeste, a 37-year-old hunter from Granada, a resident of the Sierra de Baza, mountainous massif located northeast of the province of GranadaHe has practiced small and large hunting since he was 14 years old, the date on which he obtained the hunting license.

Thanks to the fact that his father is professionally dedicated to the world of hunting, he has been able to enjoy both modalities and shoot down countless partridges, rabbits and cattle. Five years ago he stopped feeling the call of the mountain and only went hunting when they needed meat at home or a friend requested it.

He was passionate about hunting in the open or stalking wild boars, but he no longer felt the excitement of yesteryear when he killed an animal with a firearm.

The 115 kg wild boar killed by Juan Carlos with his pulley bow.

An archer with only 4 months of experience

At the beginning of this year, during the month of March, he met one of the partners of the limited area currently managed by his father and in which bow hunting is exclusively practiced. From the first moment that he could see the development of the modality in the field, he fell in love with it.

Juan Carlos, a perfect connoisseur of animals and their customs, said to himself “if they do it, why shouldn’t I do it?” One of the partners loaned him a children’s pulley bow and that was where it all began.

bow hunting
The hunter loves to practice predator control with his bow.

He becomes a boyfriend the first day he hunts with a bow

On March 27, the first day that he ventured into the mountains armed with the bow, he shot down, during a damage control hunt, a 40-kilogram pig. He hunted it while waiting for an accurate crush when he was on a path with three animals. It was about 20 meters away.

In his first month of archery he hunted three more wild boars. The illusion for hunting returned to Juan Carlos thanks to archery hunting, to the point where a month later he bought his own weapon, a pulley arch of the brand Mathews VXR 28 70 lbs.

bow hunting
The stalking of rabbits is, for this hunter, the most complicated modality to practice with bow.

Slay a wild boar with impressive razor blades

On July 30, the same emotions returned to him that he felt when he killed his first medalable animal. After more than a month following his tracks and after a dozen fruitless waits, he shot down a 115-kilogram macareno.

The cunning loner always managed to vent it and avoid being hunted. Until one night in July in which a light breeze hid the archer’s presence. This is how he tells us:

“I placed myself in one of his usual steps, in which he had managed to detect my presence several times, but that night a sudden change in the air tipped the balance in my favor. I could hear him coming perfectly in the silence of the night. Something told me It was him. My heart was beating very fast. I thought he was going to give me something when I first saw him.

He passed, unaware of my presence, 6 meters away. I drew my bow and the arrow shot through the air to hit his lungs when he was 20 meters away. Despite being mortally wounded, he traveled 40 meters before collapsing. “

Rabbit and fox hunting with bow

Along with hunting wild boars for damage control, practices since mid-August the modalities of fox hunting, predator control and stalking rabbits, at sunrise and sunset.

“This is, in my humble opinion, the most difficult modality practiced to date with bow due to the fine ears of rabbits that prevent you from approaching at shooting distance. The percentage of correct answers is only 20%. On one occasion I managed to bring down an animal at 35 meters. Something exceptional. “

bow hunting
Juan Carlos with his bow next to a wild boar killed this year. On the right, a rabbit shot down with one of its arrows.




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