Summer events around the province, also in Paceco the “91027” award

Paceco also receives the “Excellence” Award which has been replicated for years in the province of Trapani. The formula is always that of the “Ciuri” cultural association which rewards those who, through their work and their artistic, cultural, entrepreneurial and associative activities, enhance the name of a city.

After Marsala and Favignana, the ‘Ciuri’ Cultural Association, chaired by Filippo Peralta, produced the ‘91027 Award’ included in the program of summer events organized by the Pro Loco, which received from the Municipality the sum of 13,170 euros for the organization of events. The “91027 Award” will take place on Sunday 12 September at 9.30 pm in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.

During the evening, conducted by Jana Cardinale and Ninny Bornice, the protagonists on the stage will be women and men of the territory who have distinguished themselves in the social, entrepreneurial, cultural and sports fields, and there will be tales related to the city and video projections; in particular Filippo Peralta wanted to create a moment linked to the history of Paceco Basketball, which in the 80s and 90s left a strong signal in the territory, thanks to the sporting spirit and the sense of aggregation experienced by many young people of the time. For the occasion, the journalist Fabio Tartamella, who together with his colleague Andrea Castellano wrote the book entitled “A city between two baskets”, will conduct a talk entitled “80 desire for Basketball”, which will see the old glories of Paceco Basketball on stage. , called to tell anecdotes and stories of those glorious years. “It is an honor and an emotion for me to return to my city for the first edition of this Award – says Filippo Peralta -. I thank the Municipal Administration and the Pro Loco for the synergy with which the initiative was created “.

“Red Garlic and White Salt” – The “Red Garlic and White Salt” Review is back. After a forced stop, on 11 and 12 September 2021, one of the most evocative events in the area resumes, which enhances the magic of the traditional salt harvest at sunset and local gastronomic productions. Tradition and nature are at the center of the event, which for eleven years has been celebrating the ancient trade of the salt-maker and the typical productions of sea salt and red garlic from Nubia. The event takes place in the splendid area of ​​the natural reserve of Trapani and Paceco salt pans, where the salt is still collected today with traditional methods and precious plant and animal species crowd the salt pans, along with many other migratory and nesting varieties.

Despite the particular period, we wanted to give continuity to the project, albeit with the necessary limitations such as compulsory booking and entry with the green pass, in full compliance with the anti-Covid-19 regulations and in protecting the health of the participants.

It will be possible to visit some of the most interesting places for fauna and flora of the WWF oasis. Do not miss the suggestive salt harvest, with the songs of the salt workers, which will take place every day starting at sunset and closing at night. The celebration of a centuries-old craft, but still practiced today, which represents an unmistakable element of the Sicilian west coast, from Trapani to Marsala, a heritage of local culture to be preserved and enhanced.

On the morning of Saturday 11th the conference “Saline di Trapani and Paceco: combining eco-sustainability and tourism development” will be held.

The initiative is organized by the Municipality of Paceco in collaboration with the managing body of the Saline di Trapani and Paceco Nature Reserve and the association “Trapani Welcome” – Riserva del mare, the Trattoria del Sale.

Marsala – Presentation of the book “Money is worth nothing” by Roberto Tumbarello – On Friday 17 September 2021, at 7.00 pm, at the Convento del Carmine, “Money is worth nothing”, the new book by Roberto Tumbarello, will be presented. The presentation with the patronage of the Rotary Club Marsala will be introduced by the notary Daniele Pizzo, president of Rotary. Prof. Maria Grazia Sessa will talk with the author.
Organization of Mrs. Giuseppina Pavia of the Mondadori bookshop.
With a rich and pleasant anecdote, the essay suggests that we use money to enjoy life. In fact, as in all the books of the Marsala journalist, at the center is life, precious and unrepeatable, unfortunately fleeting and too short. That is why there is no need to accumulate money, which, if not spent, has no value.




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