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Squid game and why you need white Vans

by archysport

To play the squid game You had to call the number that appeared on the back of a mysterious card, then the participants had to get into a mysterious truck that would take them to the place of the game and, finally, they had to follow the rules to the letter to win.

One of the key points of squid game is that they all had to be the same, that’s why the players identified themselves only with numbers (from 001 to 456) and all of them had to wear a sports uniform (and the guards had a circle, triangle and square as identifier), formed by a blue tracksuit, a tshirt with his number and a pair of tennis shoes Slip On in white, with which the creators of the game ended up presenting a very good outfit, which in addition to having a lot of style, was comfortable and would allow the participants to move freely in each event.

Of course, having a very cool uniform didn’t change the fact that everyone was there because they were desperate and full of debt, or that they had the possibility of taking around 40 billion Won (which is about 40 million dollars) or that for that 99% of the participants were going to have the most violent and bloody deaths. But, if you’re going to do something, it’s best to do it in style.

Squid Game and white tennis shoes

First you have to start with the outfit, the participants are wearing a retro-inspired look with the air of a school uniform, but that is one of the trends of athleisure They have gained strength because it is an easy way to look good without too much effort.

On the feet, the players wear tennis shoes that can be quickly put on and taken off (because no one here has time for an untied shoelace, which can lead to mistakes), which are inspired by the classic model Slip On de Vans, which also have the iconic checkered version that has appeared in so many movies and series over the years (inclusi Harry Styles and Justin Bieber have used them).

The sneakers don’t just work in the context of the series (which features bright colors that make us think of a macabre and sadistic version of Wes Anderson), but they are one of those tennis shoes that really do not go out of style. The Slip On They are a classic that has remained in force over the years, thanks to the fact that they are practical, simple and work at any age and with any style.

They are the sneakers that you can wear with a tracksuit, with jeans or even a sport suit, are the ones that help to achieve a skater or surfer look, and those that you can also find in a large number of different colors.

The success of the series is not only in that it is violent and presents a series of intense moral dilemmas, but in that each element makes sense and is there for a reason (in addition to the realism, which is achieved thanks to many of the scenarios being actually built and didn’t rely on CGI, or so the director said Hwan Dong-hyuk), and uniforms are part of that.

When watching the series, we couldn’t help but think that many people would wear those shirts with the blue edges and the printed number (and they have been used for a long time, although with other logos and printed motifs), that that tracksuit did not see anything wrong and that the players were given the perfect tennis shoes.

The sneakers are part of that effort to make everyone the same, but they remind us that, being minimalist, simple and white, they can be combined in a million different ways, they can be worn all year long, and you just need a pair. new each time yours fulfilled its purpose and lifetime.

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