“Sponavi Baseball Bulletin App” launches a campaign worth a total of 3 million yen-Keitai Watch

In commemoration of the cumulative total of 10 million downloads, the “Sportsnavi Baseball Bulletin App” provided by Yahoo Japan and Sports Navi has started a campaign to win a PayPay bonus worth a total of 3 million yen by lottery.

This campaign is targeted at users of the “Sponavi Baseball Bulletin App”. To apply, log in to the “Sportsnavi Baseball Bulletin” app with your Yahoo! JAPAN ID, open the campaign page from the link in “Notice” or “Pickup”, and draw a lottery. If you win the lottery, you will get a PayPay bonus immediately.

The campaign application period is until September 20th. There are 1st to 3rd prizes in the lottery, 1st prize is equivalent to 100,000 yen, 2nd prize is equivalent to 1000 yen, and 3rd prize is equivalent to 2.8 million coins, which is equivalent to 1 yen.

You can participate in this campaign once a day during the period for each Yahoo! JAPAN ID.




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