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Seeking a city with “match” to improve Huyi’s appearance and quality_Xinhua Net Shaanxi Channel

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The development of a city has always been a process of seizing opportunities, seizing opportunities, and achieving leapfrog development. This year, the Fourteenth National Games will be held in Shaanxi. As one of the host sites of the Fourteenth National Games, Huyi District, Xi’an City, firmly seizes this major opportunity to seek a city with a “match”, embroider and improve the quality of the city. , Realize the value of the city, and strive to let the people see the changes, get benefits, and feel happy.

  The improvement of city quality is full of happiness

At the turntable at the Huyi entrance and exit of the Xihan Expressway, the green spaces around the island show the warm hospitality and down-to-earth character of the people of Huyi incisively and vividly.

“The entrance and exit of Xihan Expressway Huyi is the “East City Gate” of Huyi District. After the transformation, the total green area around the island will reach 7,138 square meters.” Wang Shaoshan, the head of the engineering design, said, “The project is based on the concept of “landscape and sincere welcome”. The theme is to use beautiful cedar trees to form the main scenic forest belt of the green island. At the same time, the combination of modeling pine, Huashan pine, and local unique ink stone is selected to form a comfortable and atmospheric welcome landscape.”

From the community, within five minutes, you can walk into the sports park in front of your house and feel the joy brought by the green eyes… This is the “green life” of Xiao Zhang, a resident who lives near the sports park, he said, see you when you go out like this People around are satisfied with the green life.

The sports park is located at the intersection of Lugong East Road and Dongcheng South Road in Huyi District, with a length of about 1 km, a width of 25 meters, and a total green area of ​​29,000 square meters, including green planting, landscape lighting, and garden road paving. It is a recreational, fitness, and recreational area for surrounding citizens. Great place.

“Every time I drive past here, I see large green areas and upright welcoming pine, I can always feel a warm current flowing from my heart. His recognition and pride are getting stronger. I really want to say: I love life, I love Huyi!”

In addition, the Urban Sports Park and the Greenway on East Meipi Road, which integrate novel, fashionable, green, and environmentally friendly parks and greenways, have improved the urban quality of Huyi District. They are not only a good place for citizens to relax, but also A beautiful landscape.

  “Embroidery Kung Fu” embroiders the exquisite appearance of the city

The image of a beautiful city is the “exhibition”, and the quality of life of the residents is the “in”. The refined management of Huyi District starts from the worries, worries, and worries of the masses, and uses “embroidery” to convey the city’s temperature and make residents’ lives better.

“The Fourteenth National Games is about to be held. We will clean the sidewalks and roads every day. The city is beautiful, and we are also happy from the bottom of my heart. Welcome everyone to our Huyi!” said Zhang Jie, a cleaner on Dongcheng South Road.

Since the beginning of this year, Huyi District has implemented the comprehensive treatment standards for urban appearance, implemented the model of “wet sweeping during the day and flushing at night” on urban roads, and carried out man-machine coordinated cleaning and dust collection operations on the main roads and sidewalks in the city. “Now we adopt the method of’deep cleaning at night and cleaning tour during the day’. Cleaners only need to do daily cleaning to ensure that the urban environment is clean and tidy and ecologically livable.” said the person in charge of the District Urban Management Bureau.

The delicacy of urban management requires “details in detail.” In terms of promoting urban order, Huyi District took the Fourteenth National Transport as the lead, benchmarked the main urban area, and followed the principles of “classification promotion, highlighting key points, forming characteristics” and “one street, one standard, one store and one characteristic”. For the key roads of the Fourth Movement, the gate plaques will be upgraded as a whole, and the city appearance and order, environmental sanitation, and greening and maintenance will be coordinated to promote the continuous improvement of the city’s temperament.

“After the transformation, the environment of the community is much better than before. The walls are insulated, the roads are hardened, and the underground sewage is also available. In a beautiful and comfortable environment, everyone feels happier.” Teachers’ Village that has completed the transformation of the old community The representative of the community residents said.

Since 2020, Huyi District has insisted on simultaneous renovation and renovation, synchronized construction and management, and implemented comprehensive renovation of 149 and 338 old communities built before 2000 in the urban area, benefiting 10,643 residents of the old communities. After transformation, the old communities that have gradually “faded” in the changing times are rejuvenated and transformed into a well-being harbor for the masses, greatly enhancing the happiness and sense of gain of the masses.

  Welcoming guests from all over the world to ensure event service

“I am so happy today. I didn’t expect to be the first one to get a souvenir. I will keep this baseball well. When I grow up, I will also learn to play baseball.” Wang Haodong said excitedly at the entrance of the audience. On the morning of September 4, the first baseball game on the Huyi campus of Xi’an Institute of Physical Education welcomed the first spectator. Volunteers took their body temperature and checked the nucleic acid test results and presented them with unique souvenirs. The children then wrote ” Wang Haodong 2021.9.4″ and took a photo.

The success of the event is inseparable from meticulous logistics services. In order to allow spectators to have a good game-watching experience, Huyi District transferred personnel to set up an on-site headquarters in the competition area to do a good job in comprehensive coordination, safety protection, and epidemic prevention and control. More than 500 police forces have been deployed to participate in the security and traffic order work of the 14th National Games Huyi competition area; 1,580 “red armband” safety volunteers in the whole region have been organized to carry out volunteer services in different areas and designated locations to ensure the smooth holding of the 14th meeting.

During the baseball game, Huyi District scientifically dispatched support personnel to respond to bad weather in a timely manner, give full play to the team’s strength, defy hardships, stick to their posts, and successfully complete the support tasks. On September 6, the Baseball Competition Committee of the 14th National Games and the China Baseball Association said in a joint letter of commendation: “You have overcome severe challenges, gave full play to your team strength, demonstrated high fighting spirit and tenacious style, and vividly interpreted the Chinese sportsmanship and spirit. Volunteer service spirit.” On September 9, the Tianjin baseball team said in a thank-you letter: “Thank you for showing the unique charm of baseball in front of the national audience.” With the development of various games, Huyi District handball, softball, The Baseball Competition Committee has received thanks and praise from the teams from all over the country.

Up to now, the handball, softball, and baseball games in the Huyi Division have come to an end, the hockey game is underway, and the rugby game is about to start. Huyi District will go all out to prevent and control the epidemic, security, organization, funding, and logistics services. In terms of other aspects, we will use the strength of the entire region to provide high-quality services for all competitions in the 14th National Games Huyi Division.

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