Satoshi Ishii (35 = Team Crocop), a general fighter of the 2008 Beijing Olympics (Olympic Games) judo men’s 100-kilometer gold medal, who will challenge the K-1 rule for the first time, has been on standby for the left high kick of the horror (Senritsu) who will be the direct transmission of his master.

Ryo Aitaka (31 = K-1 Jim SAGAMI-ONO KREST) ​​and super heavyweight whose main battlefield is K-1 cruiserweight at the K-1 Yokohama Tournament (sponsored by Nikkan Sports Newspaper) held at Yokohama Arena on the 20th. Refrain from playing in 3 minutes and 3 times. After the domestic quarantine period that started in early September, we will start weighing the day before on the 19th.

Ishii, who had been coordinating until the end of August in Croatia, where he practiced, received batting instruction from his master, Mirko Cro Cop (47). His left high kick is synonymous with winning the 2006 PRIDE indiscriminate GP and the 2012 K-1 WORLD GP. In the actual battle practice for the Ashitaka battle, he sparred twice with Mr. Crocop and received direct advice.

Ishii burned quietly, saying, “Mixed martial arts and kicking are different in how to kick. I’ve been practicing kicking, so I’ll do my best to get it out.” He also said that the final adjustment was “improving” and the growth of the striking technique was evaluated.

Although his opponent, Aitaka, is a cruiserweight, he has a punch that can be defeated with a single shot. Ishii said, “I’m getting a hard punch, so I’m not wary. I’m preparing to get a punch.” “My strength is that it’s sturdy,” he said.

The Yokohama Arena will be the venue for the first K-1 match for Mr. Crocop in 1996. “I feel a strange connection to the same venue as my first K-1 challenge. I was told by Mirko, but I was just sparring,” said Ishii, who responded sufficiently, “I saw the K-1 from a young age. The dream stage I was in. I really wanted to go out. I want to play a match that shows performance. I want to defeat and win. “