River’s problem with the return of the public: what is the plan and how the quotas would be defined

Once the “pilot test” of the National Team has been successfully passed, the return of the fans to the Argentine soccer stadiums is one step away from materializing and from the Millionaire they are already beginning with the preparations and the headaches.

After a year and a half, el Monumental once again received people in its stands for the clash between the Argentine National Team and Bolivia, a “pilot test” successful that ended in a landslide and a champion party. Now, as announced by the Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, Matías Lammens, everything seems to indicate that Professional League matches will be able to host fans between the end of September and the beginning of October.

How would the return of the public in River be

The Millionaire would give priority to season ticket holders for the return to the pitch. Although there are still more doubts than certainties (from the club they will not make anything official until there are exact numbers of spectators), the modality would be through a virtual raffle among those who sign up on a list.

The idea is that members who went to a meeting can no longer enter the next draw and thus ensure that each fan has the chance to get their place every three dates approximately. Given this limited access, it will be key to know how many games subscribers will be able to watch in the remainder of the season.


River parties that could have an audience

  • Date 12: River vs. Arsenal (19/9 at 20:15) -Low chances that there are people-
  • Date 14: River vs. Boca (3/10 at 17)
  • Date 16: River vs. San Lorenzo (date and time to be confirmed)
  • Date 18: River vs. Argentines (date and time to be confirmed)
  • Date 20: River vs. Board of Trustees (date and time to be confirmed)
  • Date 22: River vs. Racing (date and time to be confirmed)
  • Date 24: River vs. Defense (date and time to be confirmed)

The last time for River fans at the Monumental

On February 29, 2020, before Defense and Justice, it was the last meeting in which millionaire fans were able to cheer on the team from the boards.


What would the protocol to attend the Monumental be like, if what was done in Argentina – Bolivia is replicated

In case the same sanitary protocols that governed for the “pilot” meeting between the Argentine National Team and Bolivia are used, the points to take into account are:

Before entering the stadium

  • All attendees must present ID, entry and have the CARE application enabled. For this, they must process the circulation permit to attend mass events and carry out the self-diagnosis on the day of the match, which has the character of an affidavit.
  • The application will not allow the permit to be managed if the person has a positive COVID diagnosis associated with it, if it is close contact of a positive case or if they are obliged to quarantine for having traveled abroad. The data will be cross-linked with the National Health Surveillance System.
  • The permanent and correct use of the mask in the vicinity of the stadium will be mandatory, once the person is in the area defined by the control rings.
  • There will be entry rings with established corridors that allow their ordering.
  • All accesses enabled for entry must favor circulation, minimizing instances of crowding.
  • Volunteers with devices for sanitizing solutions that allow hand hygiene will be available at the different access points.

The Argentine National Team plays and the public returns to the courts


The Argentine National Team plays and the public returns to the courts

Inside the stadium

  • A capacity of 30% was established between stalls and popular. Only television, broadcasting teams, operators, security personnel, support, volunteers, players and coaching staff are exempt from the calculation of capacity.
  • The permanent and correct use of the mask will be mandatory, which must cover the nose, mouth and chin.
  • The gastronomy will not be enabled to prevent people from spending several minutes without the chinstrap and only water will be sold.
  • The public may enter with disposable sanitizing towels, but the entry of alcohol-based solutions in any of its formulations will be prohibited.
  • People or groups of people (maximum 5 per group) must respect physical distancing.
  • Once located in the assigned places, people will be asked to minimize the instances of displacement, being subject to entering the toilets, as well as entering and leaving the stadium.
  • During the game, the voice of the stadium will frequently reinforce individual care measures for COVID-19. In addition, there will be visual reminders and assistants observing the public in order to promote compliance with the protocol.
  • Failure to comply with the prevention measures and the persistence of the same before the warning of control and security personnel may be plausible of sanction (withdrawal from the stadium).


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