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Rebel Wilson looks great in leggings, print T-shirt and tennis shoes

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Since she undertook efforts to become the healthiest version of herself, Rebel Wilson was consolidated as an example to follow and inspiration for many people.

Following an exercise routine with discipline, a balanced diet and addressing the emotional part, the star lost more than 30 kilos in 2020, its proclaimed “year of health.”

Throughout this year, the comedian’s weight loss has continued and This has not only been reflected in his physique, but also in his spirit and in his way of dressing.

And is that Rebel couldn’t be more proud of how much she has accomplished thanks to your perseverance and dedication in this important personal journey.

Now, the star gives lessons in self-esteem and security by dressing in tighter pieces with which she realizes how much she has changed. Yes indeed, without losing your chic style when dressing.

This was demonstrated again in one of his most recent outings by betting on a casual ensemble in which he confidently showed off his new figure.

Rebel Wilson looks fantastic in a outfit casual of leggings and t-shirt

Last Tuesday, September 14, the actress was caught by paparazzi looking sensational on his way out of a studio in Los Angeles in the company of his mother, Sue; reported Daily Mail.

For the exit, the famous 41-year-old opted for comfort without losing style by combining a pair of black leggings with a gray patterned t-shirt.

But not just any t-shirtbut one of Saint Laurent round neck that was stylishly knotted on one side.

The protagonist of Perfect notes combined the look simple with a couple of black and white sneakers. She elevated it like style prescribers do: with designer accessories.

In her case, the Australian interpreter opted for one of her favorite Balmain shoulder bags in cream color with brown leather details and fabulous mirrored sunglasses.

Regarding the beauty look, kept the bet simple with a neutral makeup and her blonde hair loose in a carefree way.

With this basic outfit, Wilson not only showed off his slimmer figure and how good she feels about herself thanks to all that she has achieved out of self-love.

In addition, she proved to be the owner of a fabulous style even for casual outings in which any woman can be inspired to conquer the street style.

Rebel dresses up as a mermaid and sends a message of encouragement

According to the aforementioned medium, the waste of casual style of Rebel Wilson It was hours before he took his Instagram profile to announce that took a break to focus on a new film project.

Next to a photo in which appears dressed as a mermaid, Rebel began: “I have weathered many storms in my life (malaria, being kidnapped, bullying, you fight for fertility, emotional eating, overcome shyness, have no money) but somehow I managed to thrive, to find my inner ‘mermaid’”.

“I encourage everyone to seek their inner ‘mermaid’”He continued. “It’s not about looking a certain way or being a certain size, it’s about embracing your unique beauty, loving yourself, finding your purpose, and then feeling your FULLEST”.

Finally, he concluded: “I love you guys and now I’m taking a break to focus on a very exciting movie that I wrote and which will go into production next year”.

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