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Real Madrid: Rodrygo: 150 professional games at age 20 … and being Mr. Champions

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Rodrygo Goes I can boast this Sunday of reach a round figure as a professional. If you have a minute before him today Valencia on Mestalla, the Brazilian player will reach the 150 games as a professional in full swing , for the recent goal against Inter Milan last Wednesday in the Champions League. The forward returned to occupy the covers in a competition to which he has taken

to measure and

where you get your best records.

His 150 games, if he meets them today, will be distributed as follows:

149 games (so far), 27 goals and 18 assists.

With Real Madrid he played 64, scored 10 goals and gave as many assists; with Santos: 82, 17 and eight; and with the Brazilian National Team, three games played so far.

And all with just 20 years (he turns 21 in January).

In front of the mics he transmits

the same sobriety and tranquility as with the ball

In the feet. “

I work every day to be always available

and help. Achieving such marks is something I aspire to,

I know I am still young, but I seek to increase these figures even more

, dedicating myself to the maximum for the

Real Madrid

“commented the white ’21’

I know I am still young, but I am looking to increase these figures even more.

Rodrygo Goes

The journey of


until today

It started in 2011, when I left Santos

, where he was since he was 11 years old. Like almost every Brazilian player, he started out playing indoor soccer and

He was looking at another idol ‘peixe’ that shone in Urbano Caldeira, Neymar Jr.

In 2017 his opportunity came, when he debuted in the


hand in hand with


, and he soon became one of the fans’ favorite players.

It took two months to score his first goal

and so many accompanied the precocity records at the same time.

In March 2018, he became the youngest Santos player to play a Copa Libertadores match.

, with 17 years and 50 days.

Rodrygo Goes played 82 games with the Santos shirt


Rodrygo’s numbers as a professional

82 meetings with Santos, 64 with Real Madrid and three with Brazil absolute, waiting for if he plays against Valencia.

His signing for Real Madrid … and the Champions League

With the white club history was repeated. Debut and goal, against Osasuna on matchday 6. It was also

the first player born in the 21st century to score a goal for the club

, and the

third youngest player in club history to score a goal

, with 18 years and 259 days, behind

Alberto rivera

(17 years and 111 days) and

Manolo sanchs

(18 years and 195 days).

Every time the Champions League anthem sounds, Rodrygo Goes goes into a trance.

He becomes Mr. Champions, then

their numbers in the maximum European competition are outstanding

. The forward has played

17 matches in the Champions League,

in which you have made

eight shots and has scored … six goals!

Some numbers that show his toe and

how well he performs in the competition, where he has also distributed 4 assists in 675 minutes.

. His success in the Champions League, above all, has been suffered by Inter Milan, who have scored three goals in three games between last season and this one.

Rodrygo has scored 6 goals in the Champions League with just 8 shots on target



— UEFA Champions League (@ChampionsLeague)

September 15, 2021

150 games that, at his age, already make him speak like a veteran: “

Real Madrid always comes to win all competitions

who plays and that’s what we think.

We will fight to make it a great season



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