I sleep on time every night and wake up on time every morning. Even if you know that a regular life cycle is ideal, there are reasons why you can’t. This is especially true if you have different “working hours” from day to day.

Pitcher Takahisa Hayakawa (23) had a problem. “It’s very difficult to decide what to do with sleep time. How to make the condition for the night.” Until college, games were played in the daytime. Even after becoming a pro, the first half of the game continued on Sunday, starting with the day game.

However, in the second half of the game, it changed to a night game Rote on weekdays. “If you sleep too much, you sleep too much and your body is heavy. If you sleep for 8 hours as usual and wake up at 7 or 8 in the morning, you will get sleepy again in the evening. Sleeping hours are the most difficult. ” As expected, I haven’t asked the seniors around me when to sleep and when to wake up.

There are other groping things, such as conditioning while accompanying the expedition. “There are a lot of things I’m not used to in the first year, but I have to make this normal. There will be more pitches like this in the future.” In the game against Orix on the 14th, he threw a good goal in the middle of the 8th inning and grabbed the first white star in the second half. Along with skill and mental strength, it is important to know your body. People who do a good job get along well with themselves.[Yoshimi Kamada]