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PSG-Lyon (2-1): “We have to make decisions, it may or may not please”, assures Pochettino about the exit of Messi

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Four days after the draw conceded in Bruges in the Champions League (1-1), PSG was able to return to victory this Sunday against Lyon (2-1), thanks to a goal from Mauro Icardi in added time. Something to satisfy Mauricio Pochettino, the Argentine technician, in a post-match press conference.

How did you find your team with Messi leading the way behind the forwards?

MAURICIO POCHETTINO. I’m happy with today’s victory, I think we had a good match against a great team from Lyon, we improved on the performance in Bruges.

We felt Messi frustrated in the 75th when he came out. Why did you replace him and what did you think of his reaction?

Everyone knows that we have very great players in the team, with a large workforce of 35 players. We have to make choices to form the group in each game, to make a starting XI and, during the game, we have to think about the good of the team and of each player. Sometimes decisions have a positive outcome, sometimes not. We are there, standing, at the edge of the field. We have to make decisions, it may or may not please. Compared to Leo’s reaction, I asked him how he was (Editor’s note: following his replacement), he told me he was fine.

What did you think of the collective balance with this 4-2-3-1 system used for the first time this season?

I am satisfied. We were fairly well balanced offensively and defensively. We lacked success in the first half to score and make the difference, but we had periods to press and good defensive streaks as well. It was a good performance overall.

How do you judge Angel Di Maria’s performance?

I loved. Offensively he brought amplitude to the right to allow Leo (Messi) to use spaces between lines. Thilo Kehrer was a support solution on his side, a little lower. Angel was also on a mission to lend a hand to Herrera and Gueye in the middle.

We have the feeling that Paris does not yet scare its opponents. How to cure it ?

Because we have to be scary? What does it mean ? We have a lot of respect for our opponents. In football, you can’t think for a single second that your opponent is afraid.

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