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Pradines. The resumption of badminton competitions is underway

by archysport

Badminton events and competitions have been fully relaunched since mid-September. After several months of famine, the season seems to be resuming its normal course.

The first big tournament of the season took place on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September in Montauban, on the occasion of its 30th national tournament. This tournament brought together more than 430 players, including five badists from Pradines. Louan Dajean, Pradines Badminton, still a junior, won in his series in men’s singles by not conceding any set to his opponents. Clear and auspicious victories for Louan, who is joining the club’s regional team this season.

The other registered players usually make it to the quarter-finals in singles, doubles and mixed. They are Léo Préchac, Jonathan Vivenot, Valentin Vailles and Anaïs Garcia.

A thought for Laura Austruy which could not be taken from the paintings.

Other deadlines are already looming for athletes. Thus, the Occitanie regional badminton championship will take place on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 October at the new gymnasium in Vigan, near Gourdon. This is the championship that had to be postponed last season.

We will find the players of the Pradinois club qualified for this final, such as Louan Dajean, Lucile Reynes, Timéo Maruaé and Lison Dajean.

Then, place for seniors and veterans on Sunday 24 October: at the Cabessut complex in Cahors, the departmental badminton committee 46 is organizing a badminton circuit for adults open to licensed players of all levels.

Registration and information from Baptiste: [email protected].

Come along and long live the bad!

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