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Pep Guardiola won’t apologize despite fans’ anger

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Relations are a bit strained between Pep Guardiola and some of the Manchester City supporters. After the meeting against RB Leipzig in the Champions League (6-3), the Spanish coach had invited more people to come to the stadium on Saturday (4 p.m.) against Southampton, the stands of the Etihad Stadium not being fully full. A message that some Skyblues fans took the wrong way, asking Guardiola to focus on his job, which is coaching, rather than the number of people in the stadium. Kevin Parker, General Secretary of the City Supporters’ Club, said in particular: “ he’s absolutely the best coach in the world but in the nicest way i think maybe he should stick with that. »

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Guardiola responded to this wave of protests following his remarks and stands firm. ” I’m not going to apologize for what I said. What I said is that we need support. It doesn’t matter how many people will come, but I invite them to come and enjoy the game because we need that support (…) That’s my message, but if this guy wants to misunderstand my words, this ‘is a problem, but I am here to defend what I said. If I make mistakes, I’m here to apologize, but in this case, I won’t apologize. It’s to be part of something, and to do it together. I love the fans that we have », He declared, reports Sky Sport.

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