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Pella won without problems and tied the series against Belarus

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The sun at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club shone brighter than ever with the Guido Pella’s win over Erik Arutiunian: after 6-1 and 6-2, Argentina tied the series 1-1 against Belarus for World Group I of the Davis Cup.

The Bahiense played great tennis and had no problems in a match that, a priori, was expected to be the way it finally happened. Is that it was measured against a 16-year-old who does not have an ATP ranking and is in 42nd place at the junior level.

From start to finish, Pella was relentless, moving the Belarusian across the court, attacking him, and clinching a pivotal victory to level the series.

On the other hand, in the first shift of the day and against all odds, Diego Schwartzman had taken a surprise defeat against Daniil Ostapenkov by 6-4, 6-3.

Small did not have a good time and suffered the great level shown by the Belarusian tennis player, that was solid from the service and sharp with his backhand. Even the No. 15 in the world fell into successive unforced errors.

The striking thing is that Ostapenkov is just 18 years old, does not have an ATP ranking and is ranked 63rd at the junior level in the ITF. Still, he took over the brick dust and was more than Schwartzman.

It should be remembered that after the defeat against Colombia in 2020, the national team descended to World Group I. In case of winning the series against Belarus, Argentina will play in March the Qualifers for a place in the Finals next year.

For its part, the Belarusian team has just been eliminated in the 2020 Qualifiers with Germany (4-1), so it was also relegated to World Group I and became the rival of Argentina.

Argentina’s hope will be on the next matches: this Sunday in doubles, Máximo González and Horacio Zeballos will go against the pair of Alexander Zgirovsky (1222 °) and Martin Borisiouk (949 °).

The last singles matches will be Schwartzman against Arutiunian and Pella against Ostapenkov in search of victory in the series.


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