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PEC ‘thwarts’ transfer: ‘Then let me go, now you only have losers’

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Kenneth Paal has ended up in the rain at PEC Zwolle. The 24-year-old wing defender was one of the stars of the Blue Fingers last season, but saw a transfer canceled this summer and has now also been put on the bench by coach Art Langeler.

Barnley, Venezia, Mainz and Greuther Fürth were chasing Paal. “All beautiful clubs, from major competitions, where I would have liked to play,” Paal tells De Stentor. “I have also stated this several times to PEC. I know: I cannot force them to let me go. Just as PEC has every right to ask a certain amount. But it remains a pity. Also because I am always one hundred percent for the club have deployed.”

“Every footballer wants to move up, make steps,” continues Paal. “In my view, you can do that best at your peak. That was last season for me. Then you would also have had a win-win situation: PEC a nice transfer fee, I a nice club and a nice adventure. I didn’t get that chance And that will haunt your mind.”

The defender is now also on the bench. “That’s annoying. Then I think: had just been honest with me. Like: Kenneth, we think Mees (de Wit) and Yuta (Nakayama) are better. Would have been fine with me. But then let me go. Now you only have but losers.” Paal appeals to the club management. “If they think other players are better as left-backs and I don’t play, they might as well let me go in the winter when the transfer market opens.”

Reaction PEC
Technical manager Mike Willems of PEC states that offers were disappointing. “The highest bid that came in was only a third of the intended asking price from PEC and the agent. We are quite willing to negotiate, but are not going to sell players for an apple and an egg.”

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