PARALYMPICS 2020 – It starts very well!

With two wins for two games, the Habs returned to the competition in Tokyo on Wednesday. With a little fear for the mixed made up of Lucas Mazur and Faustine Noël, finally winners of their first group match, while Méril Loquette, him, offers himself the 4th world in the SU5 category.

Let’s go ! After 5 years of waiting, since the players knew that badminton was going to make its debut at the Games, they were waiting for it. In a superb hall, the former den of badminton valid in Japan, the Yoyogi Stadium, the four courts have therefore welcomed with great fanfare the best parabadist athletes in the world since 6 p.m. local time.

It was the French Lucas Mazur and Faustine Noël who entered the competition among the first, with a trap match, in a pool, against the Bhagat / Kohlic Indians. Trap, because the Indians had nothing to lose against opponents against whom they had always foiled, losing very easily their two meetings. A trap too, because the pressure, increasingly strong on the shoulders of our parabadists, highlighted in the national media as rarely before and playing in the most important competition of their career, was undoubtedly very palpable.

It is undoubtedly the latter which explains a very tight score for a meeting which was played in the last minutes. The Blues easily took the advantage in the first set 21/9, before being surprised in the second set 21/15 by the Indians, who have no doubt greatly improved since their last confrontation in 2019. The last set is at the elbow elbow, and it is at 16/16 that the Blues break away for the first time, to reach 20/18, then 20/19 for a second and fortunately last match point, which they convert to ensure this first crucial victory. They still have one match to play in this pool of three, against a Thai pair (Thursday, 1 p.m. French time), but this first victory is a big step towards qualifying for the semi-finals since two pairs will emerge from the pool.

Méril beats the European champion!

A few minutes later, it is another tricolor who won, in the SU5 category: Méril Loquette made a superb match to get rid of Bartomiej Mroz, the Polish European champion, whom he had not beaten only once in four meetings. The Maisons-Laffitte player made a real performance by winning in two sets 21-16, 21-17 in 33 minutes. In doing so, the Frenchman launches himself perfectly into this very complicated pool, with the Pole and the two Indonesians Dheva and Suryo. If the first, TDS # 1 of the tournament, seems complicated to go for, Méril could achieve another feat by going to beat Suryo Nugroho (as in Canada in 2019), and thus hope to get out of the pool.

A magnificent introduction for the French, therefore.

Tomorrow Thursday, no less than 5 matches to follow, and we hope to be able to offer you a little surprise for David Toupé’s match at 7.20am on the Badzine Facebook page.

The results HERE

Photo (live) : Alan Spink / Parabadmintonphoto


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