Nike Dunk “The 50” Analyzing “Stunning Sales Method” … New Common Sense of Apparel Sales & Survival Measures

Nike Dunk “The 50”

In recent years, resale prices for limited-edition sneakers, which were popular only among sneaker enthusiasts, have skyrocketed. The number of people who buy to make a profit by reselling in anticipation of a price increase called “ten buyer” is increasing rapidly. Due to the soaring resale prices, hot eyes are focused on limited-edition sneakers as investment targets. There are even investment schools for branded sneakers and courses on how to resell them online. The current situation is also interesting, but I would like to provide an explanation of the resale market at another time.

This time, with Louis Vuitton’s men’s creative director Virgil Abloh’s luxury street brand male “Off-White”NikeTake up the collaboration products of. The blockbuster product “NIKE DUNK LOW (Nike)” which became the origin of Nike’s rapid growth in 1985DunkThis is because the method of selling products in collaboration with “Low)” is very interesting.

Traditionally, long queues have been created in stores on the release date of popular limited-edition products, but due to the corona sickness from last year, it has become necessary to avoid queues and “denseness” in the store. I would like to verify the future fashion sales method through this Nike limited product sales method.

1. From the birth of Nike Dunk to “THE 50”

“A textbook that clearly understands the structure and business of the apparel industry” (Koichi Takaki / Gijutsu-Hyoronsha)

I want to briefly look back on the history of Nike Dunk. Dunk is an original product name that adopted the school color that Nike, which was still unknown in the United States, provided to the prestigious school of NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) basketball tournament in 1985. Commercialized by adding color variations to the basketball shoes at that time, which were all white. As soon as it was released, it became a very popular product. This is the beginning of the Nike Dunk legend. “LOW” and “HIGH” are the difference between low-cut and high-cut shoes.

As Nike’s best-selling products, “AIR MAX” gained popularity, followed by “AIR JORDAN”, “AIR FORCE”, and the strongest “Dunk”. Has grown while repeating. Regarding dunks, the popularity once settled down in the early 2000s, but in 2001, a collaboration product with the popular surf brand “STUSSY”, which is a bespoke product of Japanese sneaker specialty store Atmos, was released, and in 2002. A skateboard model of “Nike SB Dunk Low” called “Atsutan” has appeared in.

In 20 years, it will celebrate its 35th anniversary, and it is showing more and more diverse product development. Collaboration products with Japanese Comme des Garcons and popular rappers. One of them was “Off-White x NIKE The 10” announced in 2017. In the past, Virgil Abloh has a track record of pushing all Nike collaboration products into super-popular products. The fresh creations peculiar to African Americans, which are different from traditional designers, were enormous. Not only for Nike fans but also for sneaker fans, it has always been a coveted target.




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