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NFL: The best Tom Brady ever scares his rivals … at 44 years old!

by archysport

Pnow Tom Brady time is just another rival as it can be Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers. And like the rest of the quarterbacks in the NFL, he is also on the way to winning the game as he is demonstrating at the start of his twenty-first season in the NFL.

To their 44 years Brady scares the rest of the league teams with the best start to the season of his entire career. The 44-year-old veteran player, who last year won his seventh ring and is looking for the eighth to increase his record as the player with the most titles in history, has launched nine touchdown passes in the first two games of the campaign.

Some figures that had not achieved so far in his entire career (His best record was seven in 2011 and 2015) and he falls behind only one of the best record in history in the first two dates of a season: Patrick Mahomes’ 10 passes in 2019.

Brady’s numbers are also accompanied by two wins that leave the Bucs as seconds of the National Conference and leaders of their division after beat the Atlanta Falcons with a resounding 48-25 in a game that showed that time does not pass for the quarterback … nor for his partner Rob Gronkowski. The connection between the two veteran players was the basis for the Florida team to add their second consecutive victory in a game in which Brady ended up completing 276 yards and five touchdown passes.


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