NBA star Russell Westbrook shows up in a skirt and sets an example in terms of men’s fashion


14. September 2021 – 12:15 clock

More and more athletes in clothes

Is there a new trend emerging right now? At this year’s Fashion Week in New York, some athletes turned to gender-neutral outfits. NBA star Russell Westbrook proudly presented himself in a skirt. Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton also wore a dress-like top over his suit trousers. The sports stars, who are usually associated with muscles, basketballs or fast cars, set an important example in terms of equality.

Westbrook is known in the NBA for his taste in fashion

I’m a professional basketball player, husband, father and I wear a skirt. So what?! – something like that, basketball star Russell Westbrook from the Los Angeles Lakers must have thought this weekend when he posted photos of himself in the Big Apple at Fashion Week.

With his V-neck cardigan, which revealed his male cleavage, he wore a skirt and a pair of black boots – and his fans celebrated him on Instagram for it. In just two days, he collected an impressive 1.3 million likes for it.

Hamilton wants to redefine men’s fashion

Lewis Hamilton also set an example in terms of equality and appeared at the famous “Met Gala”, which is often referred to as the “Party of the Year”, in an outfit that both men and women can wear. In doing so, he writes on Instagram, he wants to overcome the limits of men’s fashion.

The still lack of broad acceptance of homosexuals is discussed again and again in the USA. It is all the more important that famous athletes and personalities get involved in the LGBT community. (fgo)

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