NBA, Avery Bradley: “I’m the best defender in the league”

Avery Bradley is a new player of the Golden State Warriors and he can’t wait to start this new NBA season: after the first official training session, the player is ready to give his contribution, so much so that he declares himself the best defender in the league. Skyrocketing enthusiasm for the former veteran Houston Rockets.

In the past two years, Avery Bradley has played little for technical and personal reasons: between the adventures of ai Miami Heat and Houston took the field 27 times, averaging 6.4 points, 2.3 rebounds and 1.3 assists. Numbers that don’t make you crazy, but that for him are a reason to give your all this season, as he explains in the post-training session:

“I think I’m the best defender in the NBA: to be a great defender you have to go out on the pitch, don’t worry about being afraid and do everything for every possession. Some guys are afraid, but I’m not: I know them and they know who they are, many fear me and this gives me the strength to work every day and show them in the field that they are right to be afraid of me ”

An attitude and quality that have convinced Steve Kerr to take Avery Bradley to the bay. The Warriors coach, like writes Kendra Andrews of NBC Sports, is convinced that the boy can make a great contribution to the cause:

“He was one of the best defenders in the league, very good at cutting without the ball and a good three-point shooter. He is a very very good player, put in the right conditions he can give us a hand ”

The determination is there, now Bradley just has to prove his worth on the pitch.

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