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The DTA neutral table resigned less than a month before the Third Division Promotion Championship began.

In principle, on October 14, the DTA fixture draw was going to take place, and the start date was scheduled for the 21st of the same month, but the organization of the tournament may suffer some consequence, since the neutral table Together with its president, he resigned yesterday.

The lack of confidence through some clubs in some decisions was what led the DTA to be left without authorities a few days after starting a new contest. It is an unexpected blow for the FUBB, since the championship was underway, and only a few details remained to start it.

Before versions that were in the day yesterday, which had been due to some problems with the Atenas club, the president of the division, Jorge Hernández, denied Total Basketball, that this was the focus that led to his resignation, such as the of his classmates. And he admitted that although there was some intention on the part of some institutions to change the decision, it has no going back.

The championship already has its name defined: “Ruben Nelson Leggiardo”. In addition, the first promotion will have the name “80 years of the Albatros Sports Club” and the second promotion will be called: “10 years of the Total Basketball website”; for which we thank the outgoing table and the institutions for their deference.

The first dates will bear the names of people who died in recent times, and who were close to different DTA clubs.

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