Mancini Not Interested in Coaching the Club Again

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Roberto Mancini insists he is not interested in returning to the club in the near future. According to him, coaching the Italian national team is the best thing at the moment.

Mancini is currently enjoying good times gushing the Italian national team. The position he has held since May 2018.

The former Manchester City coach was able to turn the Gli Azzurri into a team that was so difficult to beat. Italy with Mancini broke the record as a team that was unbeaten for the longest streak in international matches. La Nazionale are unbeaten in 37 consecutive games.

Not only carved a record, Mancini also managed to bring a trophy for Italy. Italy brought by Mancini won the 2020 European Cup.

This is the first European Cup title for Italy since 1968. They ended a 53-year wait that was marked by two defeats in the final.

Mancini now seems still really focused on gushing Italy. He is now determined to immediately ensure Italy qualify for the 2022 World Cup and try to win the UEFA Nations League title.

He confirmed that he was not interested in returning to the club. The last club Mancini coached before he became Italy coach was Russian team Zenit St Petersburg.

This 56-year-old man has been in charge of several clubs from various countries. Apart from Zenit, he has coached Inter Milan, Galatasaray, Manchester City, Lazio and Fiorentina.

“Now, there is a World Cup that we must immediately qualify for. We must also try to win the UEFA Nations League,” Mancini was quoted as saying by Football Italia.

“I don’t think about the club, and I focus on the national team. Coaching the national team is the best thing.”

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