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Lot. CahorSauzet Basket narrowly fails

by archysport

Published on 09/18/2021 at 11:27 PM

the essential
MT: 41-48. Arbitrators: Messrs. Mercier and Quintana.
Quarter: 23-22; 18-26; 20-20; 19-17.
CahorSauzet: 7 baskets at 3pts; 23 baskets at 2pts; 13 successful free throws out of 20 attempted; 24 lost balloons.
Senna, 19pts; Lucianaz; Sellem; Yeguété, 3pts; Dronjak, 10pts; Bethune, 2pts; Diop, 34pts; Keita; Dwarf ; Jabol, 12pts.
Valence Condom: 3 baskets at 3pts; 29 baskets at 2pts; 18 successful free throws out of 34 attempted.
Patey, 6pts; Meal, 12pts; Trepout, 3pts; Dufau, 17 pts; Uneau, 20pts; Assim, 15pts; Lasserre; Danjou, 5pts; Petris, 7pts; Martinelli.

For his first league game of the season, CahorSauzet narrowly failed tonight at Cauldron de Sauzet against Valence Condom, losing five points after a match undecided to the end.
After Popotte gave the advantage to the entry visitors, the CSB quickly took the lead in this match thanks to Yeguété and Diop (4-2, 1st). The two teams rely on the interior game and under the impetus in particular of Séné and Diop (author of 34pts last night), CahorSauzet is in the lead at the start of the match: 18-13 (6th) then 22-15 (7th). But the visitors do not let go and come back to a point in the 10th: 23-22. From the start of the second quarter, Patey replaced his team in front but Diop immediately gave the advantage to the Lotois. We then witness a crossover between the two teams. The CSB is ahead in the 14th (29-26) but in the 16th, Valence Condom leads the score (29-33). The loss of balls cost the Lotois dearly at the end of the second quarter which sees the Gersois in the lead: 35-40 (18th). Valence Condom, more realistic, leads to the break: 41 to 48.
In the third quarter, CahorSauzet comes back to three points thanks to Séné but Valence Condom remains in front of the score and keeps its seven points ahead at the end of this third quarter (61 to 68). The CSB is not giving up. Under the leadership of Séné and Jabol, the Lotois remain in the wake of the Gersois (72 to 77, 37th). Three points from Dronjak then allow the Lotois to return to 75 – 77 (38th), but free throws from Dufau and Popotte give the visitors six lengths ahead. But it would take more to discourage locals who come back to three points at twenty seconds at the end (80 to 83). The visitors finally win, on two free throws from Dufau, 85 to 80.

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