Lemgo trainer Florian Kehrmann arouses desires

Grumors are part of professional sport. It’s no different in handball. Gossip is the oil of business. It was easy to determine when the rumor began to circulate that Florian Kehrmann was a good national coach – at some point. At the beginning of June, TBV Lemgo Lippe won the DHB Cup with Kehrmann on the bench, first defeating Kiel after a seven-goal deficit, then dominating Melsungen in the final.

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Kehrmann, 44 years old, has been the TBV’s head coach since 2014; All coaching colleagues you ask confirm that he does it well. Now he did it so well that his Lemgoers turned the handball world off its hinges – to their own surprise: “Handball is unbelievable. I’m just thrilled, ”said Kehrmann three months ago after victories against clubs that pay their professionals three times as much. As a reward for the extraordinary triumph, Lemgo was allowed to play the Supercup against Master Kiel on Saturday evening – and lost 29:30, which was not so important. Again, the underdog had shown that he was excellently trained and well-coached and able to annoy the big boys.

The Lemgo Renaissance has long been associated with Kehrmann. And the former captain of the national team has put down his reluctance to deal with future jobs: “223 international matches – anyone who has played so often for Germany would always dream of becoming national coach,” said Kehrmann on Sky. Of course, rumors have reached him that the German Handball Federation (DHB) is considering how to proceed after national coach Alfred Gislason.

Market empty with German coaches

Gislason’s contract ends after the European Championship in January 2022, and it is currently unclear which head coach will lead the Germans to the 2024 European Championship. Kehrmann, as an experienced German coach who became world champion in the player’s jersey with the DHB 2007, would be a new type on the list of national coaches. He signed in Lemgo until mid-2025. The market for German coaches has been swept clean. Those who can show titles as players and coaches are even more rare.



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