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“LeBron is not even in the same stratosphere as Kevin Durant”

by archysport

In the debate around the current best player, the answers regularly revolve around LeBron James and Kevin Durant. However, according to a famous analyst, there would not even be a debate … The Slim Reaper would simply be out of reach for the Laker!

With only 45 games played last year and a premature elimination in the first round of the playoffs, LeBron James clearly did not have a satisfactory campaign. Add to that the fact that he is turning 37 and has just shown the first signs of physical fatigue, and you get an inglorious portrait of the Lakers superstar … To the point where some observers start to have doubts about his level.

This is reflected in the predictions for the MVP of the 2021-22 season, which turned out to be particularly humiliating for the quadruple champion. He ended up very far from the 45 votes for Kevin Durant, against 7 for him… His detractors necessarily appreciated, and Skip Bayless from Fox Sports did not hesitate to release the sulphate on the show Undisputed :

That’s what I’ve been saying for several days: Kevin Durant is quite simply the best player on the planet! This is what I have been saying for three years. It’s not LeBron, it’s obvious once again! Durant dominated the calculations for the MVP predictions. 45 to 7 among the voters? This means LeBron isn’t even in the same stratosphere as Durant.

While it is no wonder that the most famous Chosen One hater is siding with KD, it can be argued that James’ injury last year may have reinforced that impression even more. One thing is certain, Bayless is not about to let go. On the contrary, he even added a layer of it on Twitter after the show:

That’s what I’ve been saying for three years: Kevin Durant is the best player in the world. It dominates the prognosis of the MVP. And if Kawhi Leonard was in good health, he would be ahead of LeBron.

Much like Kevin Durant in 2020, LeBron James is coming back from a pretty serious injury. If he manages to have a season like that of the Net last year, he has a good chance of seeing his rating skyrocket! No offense to Skip Bayless …

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