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Juve-Milan, Rebic sees the bianconeri and goes wild: 3 goals in the last three crossings

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The Croatian is the first Milan player to go on the net for three consecutive appearances against the bianconeri since there are three points. And in these first 5 games he has already scored 2 goals and 2 assists

And to think that he seemed to have succumbed to nervousness. Which usually does not bring good advice in the final game. Before leaving Locatelli a meter lower and overtaking Szczesny with a clever header, Ante Rebic had had a fight with Dybala. Also quite heavily. Situations that direct residual energies in the wrong direction, usually. This time Ante was stronger than everything, even the quarrels. He went to take the glory after a damn complicated match, where the loneliness of the center forward was marked. We have often seen him “sad and solitary” in the middle of the Juventus area without his teammates nearby, because this time the game did not flow as smoothly as on other occasions. Ante was left a little to his fate for a good part of the game, sought out for “duty to play” rather than through the game itself.

Heavy goals

Rebic is not a center forward, but if necessary he somehow makes up for it with the trade. With a perpetual movement, with constant pressure on the opposing defenders and finding the right times when the right ball arrives. The goal of the Stadium is number 9 in all respects, a goal admired in particular by Giroud, one who with his head in the area is often a sentence. In reality, it is Rebic with Juve that is a sentence. The personal tally is impressive, considering the strength of the opponent: 4 goals and an assist in six crossings between the championship and the Italian Cup. The tastiest data tells that Ante is the first AC Milan player to score three consecutive appearances against Juve in the era of three points to win. Heavy goals, like last season, always at the Stadium, in the triumph of the Devil for three to zero. Or like tonight’s, which took Milan away from the embarrassment of the first knockout in the league. It would have been tough after the Liverpool defeat. Usually Ante gives his best in the second half of the season, but this time he has mixed up the cards: 2 goals and 2 assists between the league and the Champions League in these first five outings. On the other hand right now the first mission is not to make Ibra and Giroud regret.

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