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Juan Sebastián, the jewel of Paisa basketball with international projection

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Off the pitch Juan Esteban Madrigal Renteria he is shy, of few words and very reserved. There is no point of comparison with the overwhelming pivot who in the wood generates astonishment and respect, because at 16 years old, and at 2.10 meters tall, he is impressive compared to his rivals.

His process is short, started three years ago and has been permeated by the pandemic, something that made it impossible for him to advance faster in the technical and tactical concepts of this discipline.

But the desire and effort that he put into his training sessions have allowed him to reduce that gap and catch up with the other players of the Antioquia National Team.

Juan Esteban, who played soccer and was a central defender, paid attention to those comments from friends, family and neighbors who, when they saw him, always told him: “You with that height should play basketball“, so he was encouraged and began a path that has it dreaming big.

The technician Raúl Pabon, who has directed him in the Paisa national team, affirms that in addition to stature, Juan Esteban has qualities that make him stand out as one of the jewels of Antioquia and Colombia, which has international projection.

“One of the strengths is the extensive defensive tactical knowledge that he has, and that is what he has excelled at.”

Likewise, he stressed that thanks to his dedication he has improved his technical condition and in offense he has also made progress.

The young athlete, for his part, argues that he has discovered great possibilities in basketball to get ahead and help his family.

His wings have spread more since he was in the NBA international camp in Mexico, where he learned a lot and shared with other talents from different parts of the world.

“In addition to the taste for this sport, I see with great enthusiasm that I can project myself, go far and fulfill the dream of playing in the NBA and also in the Professional Basketball League of Colombia”, confirms Madrigal Renteria, who is one of the most prominent of the National Interleague Championship that takes place at the Iván de Bedout Coliseum.

With a view to Nationals

Jorge Saldarriaga García, executive director of the Antioqueña Basketball League and delegate of the Federation in this event, highlights that the massive participation in the male branch (21 teams) has made the level of the contest high and very competitive.

“We are happy to be able to have two youth tournaments in both branches in the same venue, which has allowed us to observe the future exponents of national basketball, showing a high level and a lot of competition.”

In the same way, he points out that these boys are the base of the selections for the next National Games in the Coffee Region.

The tournament, which started last Saturday, will have the semifinals in ladies and gentlemen this afternoon, with the Antioquia, Valle and Meta teams among the protagonists and candidates to contest the title.

Precisely the locals, led by Hernán Darío Giraldo, They are favorites, they come from being dominators in the first phase, without lost games and with a consecutive of two national tournaments in the infantile and youth categories, being the kings of national basketball.

After the semifinals of this Wednesday, tomorrow the duels for the title will be played in both branches


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