International: Footballers run into Romania with dogs – football

You don’t see THAT every day …

In Romania, Dinamo Bucharest footballers walked onto the field in a very special way. Instead of having children by the hand, they ran up with dogs.

With dogs? Yes, with dogs!

Under the motto “Fill the void in your life”, the players called for street dogs to be given a new home.

Foto: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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The dogs were then even allowed to stay in the stadium for the gameFoto: NurPhoto via Getty Images

Opponent FCSB Bucharest had also been invited to the action, but the city rival refused. Even though the club is nicknamed “Dogs”.

Even inside the stadium, arrangements have been made so that the dogs can attend the games without any major problems. So the street dogs were allowed to watch the game.

The campaign should continue throughout the season in order to get as many dogs as possible off the street.

A touching action, through which one or the other dog’s life is certainly more beautiful.



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