Institute entered its fourth week of preseason – Cba24n

Four weeks ago the professional basketball team began the path of preparation for the next National League competition. With Lucas Victoriano at the helm, Gloria intensifies her work by having weekly single and double shift training sessions.

In this part of preparation, the exercises are focused on the physical and the increase in tasks with speed, incomplete pauses and technical and tactical content will be sought.

The red-haired DT, was satisfied with the response that his team gave him in all the days worked and explained that “we are in a physical process integrated into basketball, not the other way around.”

As the days of preparation go by, the coaching staff will begin to “change the way of working: to do a little more basketball and less physical” with the aim that “the players have an even base that allows you to play with intensity for many minutes ”expressed Lucas Victoriano.

“I think the boys are making a huge effort and with the coaching staff we are very satisfied with what we are doing in the preseason.” Luke.

Institute entered its fourth week of preseason

Debut is coming

Days ago, the initial fixture was confirmed with which La Gloria will begin its first challenge of the year and which will be the official tournament that will inaugurate the 2021/22 competition: the Super 20.

For this new edition, the tournament will have 20 teams of which will be divided into four zones (two from the North Conference in Córdoba and two from the South in Buenos Aires) of five teams each and will start playing in two venues.

Institute will integrate one of the groups of the North Conference together with Quimsa de Santiago, Olímpico de La Banda, Atenas and Riachuelo de La Rioja. In the other there will be Regattas, San Martín and Comunicaciones –all from Corrientes-, La Unión de Formosa and Oberá TC de Misiones.

Meanwhile, the albirrojo debut is scheduled for next September 24 before Comunicaciones.




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