Incidents during Lens-Lille in Ligue 1: the start of the second period delayed by half an hour

Incidents took place at half-time in the Hauts-de-France derby, between Lens and Lille this Saturday, when the score was 0-0. Frictions between Lille supporters, parked in the visitor turn, and Lensois supporters, placed in the Trannin stand, seemed to ignite the powder.

These rival supporters, separated by a grid, threw objects at each other over the fence and warmed themselves for several minutes. These invectives caused a chain reaction, in the Marek stand, which Lensois supporters left to descend onto the lawn and try to reach the bend where the Lille supporters were. At the strongest moment of the invasion of the field, a hundred Lensois supporters, whom a handful of stewards tried to control, were on the lawn.

The supporters brought back to the stand by the police

They were gradually brought back to the Marek tribune by the stewards and the police, the CRS even appearing to make one or more arrests. Calm seemed to have returned around 6 p.m., while around fifty stewards and CRS were located at the foot of the Marek stand to control other possible overflows. At 6.15 p.m., an announcement was made in the stadium, stating that the decision to resume the match would be taken at 6.30 p.m., if there were no more incidents. The match resumed at 6.30 p.m., with a large deployment of CRS posted in front of the stands.




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