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“I accepted for the France group”, says Wendie Renard about the captaincy

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“It was unexpected given our relationship, our liabilities” with the coach Corinne Deacon, reacted the new holder of the armband with the Blue, victorious in Greece (0-10) this Friday.

Ten goals, no injury, and a captain’s goal to finish. Is it a successful back-to-school match?
Wendie Renard : It’s a good conclusion at the start of the internship. Personally, it had been a while since I had scored. All in all, it’s good to have collectively made this perf ‘. In the second half there was less rhythm, automatisms to refine, but yes it’s cool.

How do you feel after this goal, in a week marked by your return as captain?
I simply said: thank you Lord. Already, to score, it was not easy. Then (on the captaincy), obviously, it was unexpected given our relationship, our liabilities. But she (Corinne Deacon, editor’s note) came to offer it to me, I matured the reflection. I especially accepted compared to the France group. We have a goal which is the Euro, now we have to concentrate on the pitch. Little by little, on the relationship, we will both make even more efforts to improve all that. But the most important for me is the terrain and the professionalism, the services. It’s better to do good performances so that you can talk to your teammates afterwards.

Did the discussion you had on Monday do you any good? Did she answer any questions you were asking yourself?
No … She came to see me, she came to talk to me. I told him what I thought. We’ve had very few relationships over the past three years. She came to ask me for an interview to talk to me, I told her sincerely what I thought. After that, there will be other gatherings and other times to discuss, say things. The most important thing is to move forward, I know where I’m coming from personally. I have moved forward for quite a few years, and I will continue to move forward.

Did you expect such a turnaround?
It was unexpected. The most important thing is that I accepted it for the France group. We discussed, things are progressing.

Was it difficult to accept this outstretched hand from a personal point of view? There are many parameters to take into account to accept this captaincy …
I have been a club captain for many years, I know what it is. This is not the problem. The problem is rather the relational side, where it will take more effort. After that, things will come naturally. We must not put pressure on ourselves. She knows what I’m thinking, I told her anyway, and we’ll continue talking quietly. It was unexpected, but she took the step towards me, I thought a lot, I called a lot of people around me. It was not easy. But we must move forward. I was good in my performances, and this should not slow down anything.

Have you spoken with your teammate Amandine Henry, captain of the Bleues until 2020?
Yes of course. Once Corinne told me her wish, I told her that I was going to call Amandine. It was out of the question for me to do this sort of thing without warning her. We talked, it will stay between us. We will still have other discussions since we are in a club together. I am square, straight, respectful, it was logical to call Amandine to tell her.

How did the band react to you to this announcement?
A lot of players came to see me, with a big smile. But I’m a moderate person, so I told them to take it easy. It’s nice when you have everyone’s support, but I’m not going to revolutionize anything at all. Above all, we will work collectively together to achieve this objective, collectively. It is not because I am named captain that we won the cup, far from it. There is a lot of effort to be made.


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