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GS E&C to sell ‘Naju Yeokzai River Park’ in November… The first chi in Naju, Jeollanam-do

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Exclusive 59~179㎡, total 1554 households
Walking distance from KTX Naju Station… About 2 hours to Seoul
Naju Bitgaram Energy Cluster Investment Leading District

GS E&C Naju Translated by Xi River Park Sketch

GS E&C will unveil its first Xi apartment in Naju, South Jeolla Province.

GS E&C announced on the 30th that it will sell the ‘Naju Yeokzai River Park’ in the area around 135-3 Songwol-dong, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do in November.

Naju Station Zai River Park is built with 3 basement levels and 32 above ground, 18 buildings, with an exclusive area of ​​59 to 179 m², with a total of 1554 households. By exclusive area, it consists of △59㎡ 154 households △84㎡ 1,054 households △116㎡ 328 households △131㎡ 5 households △132㎡ 8 households △179㎡ 5 households.

The complex is said to have an excellent view and pleasant location as it is adjacent to the Yeongsan River. There is the foot of Mt. Geumseong to the west and the Yeongsan River flows to the south. Some units have a view of the Yeongsan River. Just south of the complex is Naju Sports Park, which has a sports complex, multi-purpose gymnasium, basketball court, soccer field, indoor swimming pool, inline skating rink, and gateball court. is in You can enjoy various leisure activities easily. For transportation, you can use the KTX Naju Station on foot. It takes 10 minutes to Songjeong Station in Gwangju, and 2 hours to Yongsan Station and Suseo Station in Seoul. With easy access to Bitgaram-ro and National Road 13, you can easily move to Gwangju-Jeonnam Joint Innovation City and Gwangju City by car. In addition, major convenience facilities in downtown such as Lotte Mart Naju Branch, Naju City Hall, Naju Court, Naju Tax Office, and Naju Culture and Arts Center are located within a radius of about 1 km. The Gwangju-Jeonnam joint innovation city, Naju General Industrial Complex, Naju Innovation Industrial Complex, Naju Dongsu Agricultural Industrial Complex, and Gwangju 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Pyeongdong Industrial Complex are close, so it also meets the requirements for a direct-jurisdictional complex.

One of the positive development factors is the creation of the Naju Bitgaram Energy Cluster Investment Leading District (to be completed in 2025). In the Naju Bitgaram Energy Cluster Investment Leading District, which was designated on the 1st, facilities with complex functions such as commercial, business, leisure, and culture will be built in connection with KTX Naju Station on a site of about 78,791 square meters.

Also, for Naju Station, the Gwangju-Naju Metropolitan Railway (28.1km in total) connecting Naju Station – Gwangju-Jeonnam Joint Innovation City – Naju Nampyeong – Gwangju Commerce, etc. was included in the 4th national rail network construction plan (starting in 2026). When completed, it is expected to travel from Naju to Sangmu in Gwangju in about 30 minutes. The Gwangju-Wando Expressway construction project is currently under construction with the goal of completing the first phase (Gwangju Seo-gu-Gangjin Temple) section in December 2024. It is expected that moving to major cities through Dongnaju IC and Namnaju IC will become more convenient in the future.

As Naju is an unregulated area, there are less restrictions on the first-priority subscription qualifications. First, among residents of Naju City, Jeonnam, and Gwangju, who are 19 years of age or older and who have signed up for a subscription account for 6 months, they are the first target for subscription. Residents and household members can also apply. There is no limit on re-winning and there is no limit on the resale of pre-sale rights.

An official from GS E&C said, “Naju is located in the center of the old city center, so it is easy to enjoy various living infrastructures, and large-scale development in the vicinity is expected, so high future value can be expected. We expect a high level of interest from them.”

The Naju Yeokjai River Park model house is scheduled to be built in Songwol-dong, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do. Until the opening of the model house, a PR hall will be operated in Bitgaram-dong, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do. The expected move-in period is the end of 2024.

Reporter Min-beom Kim, Donga.com [email protected]

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