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GOLF The DeChambeau bomber impresses: 376 m to 344 km / h

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“Phenomenal debut for the 2020 US Open winner, Ryder Cup champion and number 7 in the world ranking “, said the announcer of the Mesquite Regional Sports and Events Complex in Nevada (Texas), home of the Pro Long Drive World Championship, after the performance of Bryson DeChambeau. The Modesto Bomber, the first professional player on the PGA Tour to participate in the biggest hitter event from the tee. Five packs of six shots for each participant to advance to the round of the best 64 and the ‘mad scientist’ did not fail and accumulated 800 points (with 300 he would have passed the round) with a better missile of 376 meters at 344 km / h. He was second in his group of 16 players and a single yard behind the leader, who made 413, the American Scottie Pearman who had 900 points.

“I hope I can reach 350 km / h, playing this tournament and participating with the great hitters of world golf is something very special,” said a DeChambeau who last night was fighting to get among the 32 best who will continue fighting for the world title on Friday at whose final will reach the 16 best. It should be remembered that in the Ryder, where he defeated Sergio García in the singles on Sunday and got 1.5 more points in the fourballs of the first two days, he threw a bombshell 381 meters to end up signing an eagle on the 5th hole.

The golfer who has decided to change his sport with his peculiar swing (very vertical) and his uprising in the fees in the bag with all his irons measuring the same due to his commitment to the revolution of sport based on mathematics and physics recognizes who faces this competition in a different way than he is used to: “In tournaments I try to control my adrenaline and allow myself to have more control and hit in the middle of the fairway. But here it is about the opposite, using that adrenaline to go further and further, and straighter, obviously”.

The presence of the world number 7 is applauded by the specialists present in the championship, such as Brandon Flyn: “It is fantastic that he is here, for him and for us. Taking time out of your busy schedule to come here and compete is incredible. Many people have a misconception of this competition thinking that it is just a group of bombers. It needed to be in shape, a lot of work and more precision than it seems. Bryson’s here is impressive and he’ll do well. “

Of course, DeChambeau has not only gone to participate: “Winning would mean a lot to me. I come like a loser and if I go out and win … it would be amazing. But it is very important to highlight the players who are here. They are very fast and talented, and they do things that I can only dream of when it comes to ball speed. It is something that I wanted to show and with my presence increase the repercussion to allow the world to see what this is “. Taking the title will not be easy because no less than 13 players defeated him in distance, between them, defending champion Kyle Berkshire with his mind-blowing 416 meters and a speed of 370 km / h.

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