GLOSA: He hit the jackpot the year before, now Jágr stepped aside. If the changes do not help, he will be with Kladno

Ondřej Hájek, ČTK

One thing is indisputable. And the fact that Jágr was in the spring in the composition of the staff for this season in an unenviable position. At a time when other extra-league teams already had the lists mostly composed, he could only dream of similar ideas.

After all, how was he supposed to compose a manchaft when he didn’t know at the end of April if his team would manage the finals of the first league against Jihlava? Logically, no one would want to go to Kladno if only the first leagues remained. And when the return to the elite got wet, the better hockey players were long ago under contracts elsewhere.

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And so Jágr had to look abroad. He willingly had to look around, especially for players who had not been tested for a long time. In the end, he found five Canadians overseas – Bow goalkeeper, defender Donaghey, Dotchin, Wood and striker Ciampini – and the American forward Christ. The Norwegian quarterback Nilsen also passed the test.

New reinforcement of Kladno Daniel Ciampini

Knights of Klando

“Ciampini and Crist have shown that they can score goals and I’m counting on them in the first line with Pleky (Tomáš Plekance) in the center,” Jágr reported in the summer.

The 30-year-old Ciampini does not confirm his last season in Innsbruck at ICEHL (EBEL’s successor), in which he averaged more than a point per game. For a year older than Christ, you would not say that he has a staging from the KHL, the highest leagues in Sweden or Switzerland in his biography, or that he represented the USA at the World Championships eight years ago.

New reinforcement of Kladno Danny Kristo

Knights of Kladno

They are almost invisible on the ice, so their planned involvement in the elite formation to Plekance actually ended before it could begin. A cruel sobering up for Jágr that he has to rely on Kubík, Hlava, Filip or Račuk instead. With all due respect to them, in most extra-league teams they would be ordinary players …

Although only three rounds have been played, Jágr knows that he is already going hard. And not only because Kladno has to spend the whole season in the asylum in Chomutov. He remembers very well the two-year-old scenario, when the Knights also did not get a point in the first three rounds. And although they subsequently rose in play, they did not avert the descent.

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The forty-nine-year-old legend knows that changes must come. That if they rode in the same tracks, the parachute would not miss the Knight.

Especially when the fortresses Melka and Machala appear on the marodka are another complication. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to acquire Jakub Strnad, Jágr did not hesitate. Kladno’s offspring, who played for the A team of Knights in the past for eight seasons and also worked as a captain before heading to Mladá Boleslav a year ago, failed the exam in Pilsen in the summer, but Jágr trusts Strnad based on previous experience. He bets that he will cover himself at home again.

Jakub Strnad will wear the Kladno jersey again.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

He believes that better skating will come with it, because the game is still desperately lacking in the Kladno game. Another Kladno returnee, David Dvořáček, should also improve it, although he is only coming from Sparta for a month-long guest appearance.

Kladno is simply trying to find any path that could be taken. I’m afraid that even if these steps are not enough to shift to a higher gear, he will be amen quickly with the Knights. And at the bottom of the table, it will be a question of who will occupy the penultimate fourteenth position and head to the playoffs.

He works as an editor of the internet portal Jan Škvor since 2007, specializes in ice hockey. As a reporter, he completed six world hockey championships and the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics.



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