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Germany – Armenia: For 100 international matches – BILD explains the Müller cap – football

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Hats off!

Before the 6-0 match against Armenia, there was a special honor for two national players: The injured Thomas Müller (31) and Manuel Neuer (35) received a special gift for their 100th international match: a black and gold DFB cap!

And many viewers asked themselves: what exactly is it all about?

BILD explains the Müller hat!

The whole thing is quite a new idea. After all, it’s been a while since the two made the 100 – at Müller that was back in 2018.

Photo: Jan Huebner

“data-zoom-src =” https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/mueller-und-neuer-bekommen-die-muetzen-a1ef97cd2634435fb510b958689d1c9a-77595228/Bild/5.bild.jpg “/>

Müller and Neuer get the hatsPhoto: Jan Huebner

The idea for the hat comes from England. There, international matches are referred to as “caps” – that is, hats. The term has its origins in the early days of sport in England in the 19th century, when you got a “cap” for international games. Often the teams didn’t have different jerseys yet, which is why the hats were different.

<img class="photo ondemand zoomable" src="https://bilder.bild.de/fotos-skaliert/thomas-mueller-macht-mit-seiner-frau-lisa-auf-der-tribuene-die–und-quot-la-ola-und-quot-mit-5b18a2cac1ba4aaa9656fd579e05d0d1-77595232/5,w=1280,c=0.bild.jpg" width="1280" alt="Thomas Müller macht mit seiner Frau Lisa auf der Tribüne die "Wave" with "data-zoom-title =" Thomas Müller and his wife Lisa take part in the "La Ola" in the stands

Foto: imago images/ActionPictures

“data-zoom-src =” https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/thomas-mueller-macht-mit-seiner-frau-lisa-auf-der-tribuene-die–und-quot-la-ola -and-quot-with-5b18a2cac1ba4aaa9656fd579e05d0d1-77595232 / Bild / 5.bild.jpg “/>

Thomas Müller takes part in the “La Ola” with his wife Lisa in the standsFoto: imago images/ActionPictures

Uefa has now adopted this hat idea. However, Müller and Neuer are not the first to receive the funny hats. Other German national players with over 100 international matches were also given gifts. Record national player Lothar Matthäus (60) to BILD: “I got this cap afterwards for my 100th international match. I think it looks nice – a bit like you got it at university for a degree. “

Müller was also thievingly happy about his “new golf hat”, wrote on Instagram: “Manuel Neuer and I were presented with the 100 caps hat from Uefa. More than 100 international matches are already a house number. “

By the way, it will take a while until the next hat award: The next still active national player behind Müller and Neuer with the most games is Mats Hummels (32) – but he only has 76 international matches …


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