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Frey and Gerkens pull Antwerp over the line against Seraing in the final quarter | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

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It was not without effort that Antwerp kept the 3 points on the Bosuil against Seraing on Sunday. Frey and Gerkens were only able to erase the 0-1 of Mikautadze in the final quarter.

Dietsch keeps Nainggolan and Miyoshi from the 1-0

Antwerp did not seem completely recovered from the painful defeat in the Europa League at Olympiakos. Seraing had clearly digested his own downer, loss in the derby against Standard, and started the match best. Butez had to be on the alert on a long shot from Kilota.

Only after almost 20 minutes did Antwerp beep for the first time. Nainggolan made a strong effort from outside the box, Dietsch has to flatten to keep the ball out of his goal. Seraing was briefly pinned down, Boulenger almost made a pass from Miyoshi into his own goal.

Antwerp could not keep up the pressure in a match that went on without much danger of goal. Only with the break in sight did Seraing shiver again. A cross from Nainggolan deviated slightly from Boulenger and so the detached Miyoshi can score from close range. Dietsch prevented the 1-0 with a brilliant reflex.

Frey scores and lets score

Shortly after the break, Antwerp again came close to the opening goal. Nainggolan brought Frey into position with a smart pass, but he showed that top scorers can also miss. After a lesser touch of the ball, Frey decided to go wide. A few minutes later, Miyoshi was allowed to try on a pass from De Laet, but his volley was just blocked.

Just when Antwerp had the match in their hands, Seraing struck ice cold in the switch. Mikautadze was sent deep by Jallow and nicely scored the opening goal over Butez in goal.

Priske intervened and pulled Nainggolan and Fischer to the side in front of Benson and Gerkens. That duo brought a new dimension to the Antwerp game. Yet Antwerp was only able to come alongside fifteen minutes before the end, thanks to carelessness at Seraing. Frey was allowed to head unhindered on a long throw-in from De Laet and Dietsch was also surprised: 1-1.

Seraing kept trying on the counter. Almeida pulled the emergency brake when Marius was suddenly able to break through and was happy that it stayed with yellow. In the final phase Frey again made the difference for Antwerp. He made his way for the Seraing defense on strength and character and painted the winning goal on Gerkens’ head.

  1. second half, minute 95 match over
  2. second half, minute 95. End. Antwerp flushes the European hangover with a hard fought victory against Seraing. Frey was the lifesaver for the home team with the equalizer and the assist for Gerkens. It is Antwerp’s first home win of the season. .
  3. second half, minute 91. 4 minutes extra. Seraing still has 4 minutes to avoid defeat. Antwerp seems to be on its way to its first home win after a difficult game. .
  4. second half, minute 90. Substitution at RFC Seraing, Theo Pierrot in, Ablie Jallow out
  5. second half, minute 90. Substitution at RFC Seraing, Dario Del Fabro in, Wagane Faye out
  6. second half, minute 88. Gerkens rounds off great action Frey! Antwerp still takes the lead in the final phase! Frey impressively makes his way through the Seraing defense on the right and paints the ball on Gerkens’ head. That leaves Dietsch without a chance. A goal and an assist for Frey, the match winner may be known. .
  7. Goal during the second half, minute 88 by Pieter Gerkens van Antwerp. 2, 1.
  8. second half, minute 86. Seraing is in no hurry, it is mainly Antwerp that tries to unleash a final offensive. But Dietsch should not take any further action for the time being. .
  9. second half, minute 81. The tension is now cut. Antwerp cannot accept a point, while Seraing may agree with that. Will we still get a winning goal? .
  10. second half, minute 78. Violent offense Almeida. Marius can suddenly charge towards goal, but Almeida pulls on the emergency brake. Because De Laet was also still nearby, it stays with yellow. Maziz doesn’t like that and in turn gets yellow for protest. .
  11. Yellow card for Dinis Almeida van Antwerp during the second half, minute 77
  12. Yellow card for RFC Seraing’s Youssef Maziz during second half, minute 77
  13. second half, minute 77.
  14. second half, minute 75. Frey equalizes! Everything to redo at the Bosuil! Frey is allowed to head unhindered on a long throw-in from De Laet and Dietsch, who is too far in front of his goal line, is also surprised. The ball falls over the goalkeeper into the goal. The 9th league goal for Frey brings Antwerp alongside again. .
  15. Goal during the second half, minute 75 by Michael Frey van Antwerp. 1, 1.
  16. second half, minute 75. Substitution at RFC Seraing, Marius Mouandilmadji in, Georges Mikautadze out
  17. second half, minute 75. Goal scorer Mikautadze is allowed to leave. Marius takes his place to complete the final quarter. .
  18. second half, minute 73. Antwerp is in two minds: chasing the equalizer and preventing Seraing from running further. The visitors lurk on the counter and occasionally come out dangerous. .
  19. second half, minute 71. Another 2 fresh forces for Antwerp. Eggestein and Bataille join the squad for Miyoshi and Dessoleil. Antwerp still has more than 20 minutes to turn the tide. .
  20. second half, minute 70. Substitution at Antwerp, Jelle Bataille in, Dorian Dessoleil out

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