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First fights in the 1st Bundesliga

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It is the beginning of a new sporting era: The judo team from the spa town of Bad Homburg competes on home mats on Saturday as a first division climber.

HOCHTAUNUS – Tomorrow’s Saturday is a very special day, and not just for President Ralph Gotta, who himself has celebrated great successes as a judoka at German and international level. Just in time for the 175th anniversary of HTG Bad Homburg, the judo women of the traditional club are contesting their first two fights in the 1st Bundesliga!

The first four fights of the 2021 season at the highest national level will start at 2 p.m. on Saturday afternoon in the large sports hall in Primodeus Park, with the host HTG playing against JSV Speyer and the judo team Hanover. The fourth club at the Bundesliga opener in the hall on Niederstedter Weg is JC 66 Bottrop, who also have to play against Hanover and Speyer in Bad Homburg.

At the same time, BC Karlsruhe, JC 71 Düsseldorf and TSG Backnang are contesting the opening competition of this year’s Bundesliga season, which runs until October 23 and in which each of the seven clubs competes once against the other six opponents in a tournament .

The corona pandemic was responsible for the fact that the first round of the HTG Amazons had to be postponed from 2020 to 2021. After the rise in 2019, last year’s round was completely canceled due to the Covid19 virus.

For the judo department of the Homburg gymnastics community from 1846, a new sporting era begins on Saturday, which began for women in 2012 with promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga. In the seven years at this level of performance, coach Mario Rolle’s team took 8th (2013), 9 (2014), 2 (2015), 3 (2016 to 2018) and was runner-up in 2019 for the second time after 2015.

“Staying up is our goal for the season”, Bad Homburg’s judo department manager Andreas Frost is excited to see how the team survived the long phase of lockdown.

At the German individual championships in Stuttgart, Julie Hölterhoff (23) secured the title in the weight class up to 70 kilograms on the first weekend in September and Annabelle Winzig (20) was runner-up in the category up to 63 kilograms.

These two fighters have not only underlined their current good form, but are also two trump cards in the HTG squad for the Bundesliga opener. She has nominated the following squad for this season: (up to 48 kg) Fabienne Naomi Binder, Lisanne Sturm; (up to 52 kg) Jasmin Flosdorf, Marlene Martin, Diana Süß, Pia van Thurenhout-Sarkar, Sonja Worth, Lena Ziemer; (up to 57 kg) Anne-Sophie Kempf, Daena Knauf, Jessica Spelten, Jonna Spieß, Noémi Tortell; (up to 63 kg) Antonia Fark, Charlotte Leonie Klar, Marie Klose, Hannah Lenz, Rebecca Regnery, Anna Schlesinger, Jessica Schusdziarra, Annabelle Winzig; (up to 70 kg) Julie Hölterhoff, Swantje Kaiser, Mara Langbecker, Nathalie List, Lea Markloff, Hannah Opitz, Mina Ricken, Diana Storch, Vanessa Tyminski, Annika Wagner, Slata Zlatin; (up to 78 kg) Nathalie Lapp; (over 78 kg) Jule Erdorf (newcomer from Aachen TSV Hertha Walheim) and Lisa Männche.

The four other fights of HTG Bad Homburg in the 1st women’s Bundesliga have been scheduled as follows: on October 2nd in Karlsruhe against JC 66 Bottrop and BC Karlsruhe and on November 6th in Bottrop against TSG Backnang and JC 71 Düsseldorf.


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