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Final straight in the third stage of tennis

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The Aguascalientes Cup continues with its intense activity in the different sports disciplines of this fifth edition. In the case of tennis, this weekend the remaining matches of the third stage will take place, hoping to have exciting matches throughout this Saturday and Sunday.
This third stage of the Aguascalientes Tennis Cup began last weekend with the preliminary rounds; later, in the middle of the week, the pending matches of the individual round were played and, likewise, professional tennis players began their journey.
This Saturday and Sunday, the final rounds will be played in each of the individual categories, as well as the first rounds of the doubles, hoping to finish tomorrow with the finals and the awards ceremony.
Within the men’s category A, the players who reached the semifinals were Santiago Buenrostro and Sergio García, on the one hand, as well as Abel Valenzuela and Emilio Martínez, in the other key. The semifinals will be played today at 8:00 in the morning at the Pulgas Pandas courts.
In the women’s category, the semifinalists of category A are Daniela Martínez and Claudia Salazar, as well as Paulina Sánchez and Fernanda Guadalupe, while, in category B, Rocío Gutiérrez and Sofía Salazar will play the grand final tomorrow.
On the other hand, this Saturday will begin the matches of the doubles round in each category, highlighting that, in category A for men, only one couple is installed in the quarterfinal round: the one made up of Santiago Buenrostro and Isaac Díaz, who They will face the winner of the key between Pablo Esquivel and José Luis González against Asdrúbal Macías and Jorge Cortés.
Within category B, the best seeds are Alex López and Alex Ruiz; in C, the favorites are Carlos Rosas and Isaac Rodríguez, as well as Martín Cadena and Gabriel Gallegos, while, in category A for women, the favorite couples are Daniela and Valeria Martínez, along with Fátima Lara and Paulina Sánchez .

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