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England tests football match with no headers

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England tests football match with no headers

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Are headers harmful to health and should they be abolished? England are now testing a football game in which a header ban applies.

One reads and hears again and again about the dangers of headers in football. That is why there is now a test match in England in which headers are forbidden.

On September 26th, two traditional teams will meet there with ex-professionals such as Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer. The highlight: In the first half, headers are only allowed in the penalty areas – not at all in the second half.

Study shows: higher risk of dementia with headballs

In football, boxing and other high-impact sports, the dangers of concussions have now been recognized, if not necessarily eliminated.

In soccer, on the other hand, headers and their potential dangers have rarely been researched. In a study, however, the University of Glasgow was able to demonstrate a connection between headballs and a higher risk of dementia.


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