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Emiliana Bizzarini, doctor-athlete hidden behind the Tokyo champions – Corriere.it

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Emiliana Bizzarini the health manager of the blue team for the Italian Paralympic Committee. Crazy emotion to take care of everything. Also for the social role of these sportsmen, models of autonomy. With some athletes the relationship goes beyond the professional one: Giada Rossi for me Giadina

If the Tokyo Paralympics was a great success for Italy we also owe it to people like you. The lights and spotlights are, also rightly, aimed at Bebe Vio, Ambra Sabatini, Carlotta Gilli, Simone Barlaam and all the other wonderful blues who gave great emotions. There are little or no celebrated figures, however, who are essential parts of a machine that also needs them to be able to function: The protagonists are the athletes, it must be like this. The Paralympics was the turning point, beautiful, also for the atmosphere created in the team. We had a good time, we also laughed and joked how it must be in a group. The athletes have been very good at adhering to all the protocols demonstrating the great professionalism that today in those who are engaged at such a high level in the Paralympic movement.

Emiliana Bizzarini was in Japan, her second Paralympic Games after the Korean one in 2018, with a fundamental role, that of head of the medical area: one of the experiences that I will carry in my heart. After all, absolutely work with e per Paralympic athletes gives priceless emotions. health manager of the Italian Paralympic Committee at least until the next Paralympics in Paris: The goal for me is to be able to take care of the athletes in all aspects of their activity, from injuries to the evaluation of the exams to be done, to the rehabilitation process. Those who engage in Paralympic sports achieve a great level of autonomy using the best therapy and a positive example for those with disabilities and how this should be addressed. In general, athletes have enormous potential also from a social point of view.

Friulian, fifty years old not long ago, specialized in sports medicine and physical and rehabilitative medicine, with particular attention to robotics for those with spinal cord injury. His commitment to Paralympic sport began very early, when he was still studying. The first specialization in sports medicine at the end of the last century with a thesis on the handbike, when Alex Zanardi he had not yet cleared a name and a half in Italy. At that time it was almost an unknown word: The world of Paralympic sport fascinated me and I saw it as a privileged area of ​​work as well. For Emiliana it became it in the fullest sense.

With athletes, the relationship goes beyond the professional one. With all and some in particular – he says – especially in my territory. Giada Rossi for me always Giadina, I am very close to us, even if today a great table tennis champion. I met her while still a teenager. What a thrill to see her win a medal, along with Michela Brunelli, in Tokyo, after he had gone through a difficult period due to physical problems before the Games.

He lives with Giorgio, whom he met during his studies, and his daughter Martina, ten years old, to which he transmitted the love for sport: wonderful, it does swimming and judo. Passion also of the mother, the one for judo, which she also taught blind athletes. Involved in Paralympic sport not only for diagnosis or therapies, also classification, that is among those who decide the inclusion of athletes in the various categories within which they compete. One of the most important and fundamental tasks for the Paralympic world, which without the classifications could not have a fair competition. And it is a very difficult task: Sometimes perhaps seen as an obstacle, but necessary. Because also thanks to the classification that the concept of disability is overturned and the potential of athletes can be seen.

In fact, the classification allows athletes to compete equitably against others who have a similar disability or level of physical functionality. a job in which doctors, physiotherapists, technicians collaborate so that the evaluation is as fair as possible. It was once based on pathology, now more complete.

It is part of the Federation of Sports Doctors and Simfer, the Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, for which he also kept a video diary from Tokyo: Comparison with colleagues is fundamental in rehabilitation.

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