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Despite the fiasco in Lisbon, Koeman can be calm. The players behind him and Barcelona have no money

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Pedro Nunes, Reuters

At the beginning of September, in the first performance in Group F, Barcelona caught a three-goal allocation from Bayern at home. Then in La Liga she shamefully drew with Granada, then in Cádiz, and it was not until Sunday’s victory over Levante that she at least partially calmed the situation. But a three-goal shameful beating in Lisbon rekindled doubts about the right direction and leadership of the team.

“I will not argue about the level of my team. There is no point in comparing them with those of Barcelona from previous years. That is quite obvious. We just have to work with the footballers we have, “Ronald Koeman shrugged.

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Barcelona, ​​under his leadership, has not lost in the current season of the Spanish top competition, but is losing five points to the leader Real after seven rounds and is fifth. And two losses in the Champions League! No goal scored!

“Benfica was physically strong and fast. However, with the first and second goals, we were undoubtedly better able to defend, “Koeman mused over the development of the match.

Benfica defeated Barcelona for the first time since 1961, when it knocked it down in the final of the European Champions Cup, the current Champions League. In the next six mutual fights, Barcelona celebrated three times, the match ended in a draw three times.

The Spanish media is intensively addressing the position of a Dutch expert and reminds that the current club president Joan Laporta does not have an idyllic relationship with the coach. And it is understandable that the collapse in Lisbon only exacerbated the situation.

“It would be difficult for any Barcelona coach not to win either of the two Champions League matches. It’s a delicate situation, it’s clear to me, “Koeman mused.” I feel the support of the players. Their approach confirms this, “the coach said after the result in Lisbon.

“Changing a coach is not the answer. We will only overcome the situation with cohesion and militancy, “said Frenkie de Jong, a Dutch midfielder in the service of Barcelona.” I refuse to speculate on the fate of the coach, “said Sergio Busquets, captain of the Catalan club.

The Spanish media reminds that Koeman takes 300 million crowns a year, and according to the “economic” rules of the Spanish highest, he could take only a third of the amount. Given the severance pay and the cost of a new coach, it is therefore unlikely that Barcelona will reach for a coaching squad.

“I understand that it is difficult to accept the result. Because it doesn’t quite correspond to what’s happening on the field. We played well. Until we got the second goal. The problem is that we were not productive. Goals change the picture of the game and we didn’t take the chance, “Koeman complained.” There is no chance to win without goals. Victory gives you peace of mind. And without victory you lose the future. Koeman after the last failure.


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