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Cristiano Ronaldo Today Manchester United change home | Premier League

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The Cristiano Ronaldo effect at Manchester United continues to be felt on and off the pitch. He arrived with all the scoring power and leadership that characterizes him. However, there is a detail that the Portuguese is not entirely calm, it has nothing to do with the field. The Portuguese’s move was planned and initially, they found a home to suit all of their needs.

However, he did not last long in that house and had to go in search of a new house. Rest is something that Ronaldo takes very seriously. The mansion was surrounded by vegetation and forests, but two details bothered the player and he had to go out to look for a new home.

According to information from The Sun newspaper, the noise of the sheep in the morning was deafening, thus disturbing the player’s rest, a necessary factor to prepare for high-performance competition. In addition, access to it seemed very free to anyone, cutting off the necessary privacy.

“Although the property is beautiful and surrounded by fields and forests, it was also very close to a herd that is very noisy in the mornings. It had a pubic path that crossed the grounds, and the road in front of the front door allowed a view inside. Ronaldo is a true professional who places a lot of importance on his rest and recovery after games, so it was decided that it was better if he and his family moved elsewhere.

The new property is located in Cheshire, 30 kilometers from Manchester United’s training headquarters. The house is close to the one that the player occupied in his passage between 2003 and 2009.


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