Creating a magnificent king but ending the Yao Mai era. A handsome honor and controversy coexist_Adelman

Original title: Creating a gorgeous king but ending the Yao Mai era. A handsome honor and controversy coexist

The Princeton tactical system was invented by college coach Pete Khalil. This tactical system emphasizes the movement of the ball. All five players on the court can dribble, pass, and shoot. They have a good basketball IQ. Princeton University, a sports scholarship player, won 500 victories, giving the Princeton system a reputation in the basketball world.

However, when everyone talks about the Princeton system, they don’t think of Khalil, but Adelman.

In the Hall of Fame ceremony in 2021, Adelman, who had not appeared in front of the camera for a long time, became old and old. He even needed the support of his disciples and friends to step up the stairs when he took the stage to speak, but the years cannot obliterate Adelman’s glorious achievements in the NBA. , And those controversies that have no answers.

In 1989, Adelman turned from an assistant coach to become the Blazers coach. In 1990 and 1992, he led the team to the finals.

In 1998, the Kings hired Adelman as the head coach. He favored the Princeton system of the then Kings assistant Khalil and carried forward this system in the NBA.

The Princeton system created the king of the early 21st century who played the gorgeous style to the extreme. The passing of White Chocolate, Chris Weber, Peja Stojakovic, and Divac were played under the Princeton system. Incisively, and later, the more practical Mike Bibby completely raised the Princeton system to a higher level.

In 2002, Adelman led the Kings to the Western Conference Finals. They faced the Lakers with O’Neal and Kobe in 7 games, and finally lost. Even today, when talking about this round of the series, many fans would regret that if it weren’t for the referee’s influence. In the game, the final winners of the series will be the Kings and Adelman, and perhaps they will win the final championship.

However, the 2002 Western Conference Finals was the pinnacle of the Kings and Princeton system. Later, Adelman and the Kings did not get higher rankings. In 2006, Adelman dismissed get out of class, and the Kings also started a journey without playoffs. .

After Adelman left the Kings, his coaching career began to decline. His Princeton no longer works well in other teams. For many Rockets fans, his Princeton system may be a derogatory term in Houston.

In 2007, Adelman replaced Van Gundy, who was out of class, as the head coach of the Rockets, but Adelman’s Princeton system did not take root in the Rockets. Although it created the longest 22-game winning streak in team history, some people still suggested that it was Adelman’s toughness. Fighting the Princeton system accelerated the end of the Yao Mai era.

One of the key points that Princeton emphasized is fast passing, but the Rockets with Yao Ming and Artest can’t play fast-paced basketball. Adelman’s unsatisfactory results in coaching with the Rockets are not only related to Yao Ming McGrady’s constant injury, but also to the team’s mismatch in play.

At the same time, Adelman’s poor training and defensive ability also made the Rockets fans very dissatisfied. The fans began to compare him with his predecessor Van Gundy, and believed that Adelman let the Rockets lose the iron-blooded defense of Xiao Fan’s period and turn the Rockets into one aspect. A moderate team that is not strong.

Since then, Adelman’s Princeton system has ceased to be popular, and later coached in the Timberwolves, and did not have a good record. Perhaps all this has something to do with Princeton’s inventor, Khalil, who withdrew from the forum in 2006?

Adelman, who had no right-hand man, lost his brilliance in the NBA. When Adelman and Khalil left the king, the fantasy drift of the Princeton system might be over, right?

However, it is undeniable that Adelman is still a great basketball coach. When he won the 1,000th career victory in 2013, he was destined to have his place in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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