Comesaña denies having been in contact with Junior to direct again: he focuses on DIM | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Before Atlético Junior handed over the reins of the professional team to Arturo Reyes, as a replacement for Luis Aramanto Perea, the name that was linked to the shark was that of Julio Comesaña. In a talk with Caracol’s Vbar, the Uruguayan coach denied it and made it clear that he is focused on his new stage with Medellín.

“I speak with absolute sincerity and since I left Junior I never spoke to anyone again. But I didn’t leave angry or anything. I don’t like it because before I left Junior I did not live in Barranquilla and now I am living there. Now the decisions I make are glued to my family life. I have affection and affection for everything I shared with players, doctors, the leadership (…) I never knew or heard that I was a candidate, “he said.

Julio Avelino had words of gratitude for the powerful club for this new opportunity. “It is the first time that someone tells me why they bring me, it had never happened to me and it caught my attention. There were other coaches in the portfolio and for me it was a surprise, I did not think I was in the race to get to Medellín. They told me that because of my age and because of my career in football, and because in recent years I had achieved important results. That my name was well liked by a large part of the people in Medellin“.

This Friday in front of Once Caldas, on date 10, it will be released in the technical direction of the DIM. Regarding the accounts he does to classify, he said that “the situation in the table has difficulties, but if we look at the score there is a good possibility of doing it. You have to score 20 points out of 33. If we aspire to be in the finals, we have to reach at least At 31 points, we have to do it, otherwise we cannot aspire to anything. December will be a reference for what is to come, but we cannot lose our attention at this time, we must think about the eight and the South American “.

And he added: “I know the vast majority and I have seen them play, I have worked with some of them, and others not, I am looking at them. I find a group with a great determination to work and that also gives me the feeling that they have a good relationship between them. They are living a tense situation because a coach has just left and now there is a change, also looking at the position table. Medellín is a team of great pressure, “said the coach who signed until December 2022.




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