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Champions League: The rebellion of the modest against the Super League

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Ethe beginning of the Champions League 2021/2022 It has been that of the rebellion of the modest. Just when the most Superliga, the humblest teams claim the European cup of a lifetime, that of surprises, that of David knocking down Goliath. When the ball rolls, any team can dream of beating the bigger team. That is the magic of football, which some want to blur, leaving out of the maximum continental competition those who in the market is second and even third row. The ball does not understand economics.


Champions League (J1): summary and goals of Young Boys 2-1 Manchester United.

The first big surprise of the competition was given by the Young Boys tumbando al Manchester United from Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star overtook his team, but after staying with ten, United saw the Swiss team come back from the game with a goal in the 95th minute of Siebatcheu. In a tough group, in which the Young Boys seemed destined to watch the rest play qualifying, the Swiss already have three points.


Champions League (J2): summary and goals of Real Madrid 1-2 Sheriff

The Sheriff’s is the story of a fairytale that does not end. His qualification for the Champions League was already a surprise, something historic for Moldovan football. He continued with his triumph on the first match against the Shakhtar. And I hit the ceiling (or maybe not) winning at the Santiago Bernabu Real Madrid (1-2), in what is already one of the great surprises in the history of the group stage of the competition. The Sheriff is leader in a group with Real Madrid and Inter, add six points … and see who prevents him from dreaming of qualifying for the eighth at this point. The Champions League anthem suits him like a glove.


Champions League (J1): summary and goals of Bruges 1-1 PSG

If there was a complicated group, it was the one waiting for the Witches, paired with PSG and Manchester City, the two main favorites to the title in betting, and with the Leipzig, a semifinalist two seasons ago and one of the most difficult opponents of those who were in the third pot of the draw. And there is the Belgian team, with four points in two days and in qualifying places for the second round after equalize against PSG on the first day and superar al Leipzig at home in the second.

The Belgian cadre is historically larger than Young Boys and Sheriff, but its reality is not far from that of the Swiss and Moldovans once globalization took hold of football and Major league teams began to impose their potential. Brujas is a third-rate European team on an economic level, but they already drew at Bernabu two seasons ago and are now ready to fight in the group of death.

Stories of modest teams rebelling against projects that don’t have them. Surprises that will not be seen in the Super League, which only includes games between giants to generate more income. But as long as they are left, the Champions will continue to be the Champions. And there is no more beautiful competition.


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