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Carlos Alcaraz: “I am not aware of what I have done”

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A night to remember. This is how you could title what happened this fifth day of competition in the US Open 2021, where Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image was presented to the whole world with an epic victory over Stefanos Tsitsipas. The best match so far this tournament, the one that catapults the Spanish into a future that will soon dominate. For now, it’s time to listen to the words of the Murcian to the microphones of Eurosport. Worth

The best victory of his career

“I have no words, I was walking down the hall to get here and I still didn’t believe I had won. I am not aware of what I have done out there, I still think that the last right has gone away from me and I am still in the game. Right now I have no words to explain what I feel right now ”.

A party roller coaster

“At the end of the third set I felt a bit tired physically. At the beginning of the fourth and break Stefanos I felt it a little more, it was the hardest moment of the game, I was on the edge. It was my first game at Arthur Ashe, against a great player, in the middle of a very demanding match, so it was something that could happen. It was hard for me to hold out at that time, keep up with him, I have seen it all a bit uphill … but when a set is finished, a new one begins. That’s when I’ve left everything behind and started thinking about what came next, forgetting everything that had happened before and focusing on the fifth set. I have come out to fight it like a Spartan, to die on the battlefield ”.

The motivation of big dates

“I am a player who likes these challenges, who likes very difficult challenges, in large stadiums, with a large audience and in front of great players. I knew it was going to be very difficult, but I saw myself capable of doing it, of beating him, so in the end it was that. It was a day to go out on track trusting myself, trusting my level and that I could achieve it ”.

its drive, key in the equation

“It’s something I try to do in every game, that’s my game, so I have to stick with it. If I had allowed Stefanos to dominate the game, I think he would not be here right now, he would have won. My style is to be aggressive, so today I had to stay true to this idea. “

What has been said on the net?

“I told him that it had been a great battle, that it had been a great match. I even said THANK YOU, I said thank you to him, I didn’t really know what to say. I think I’ve talked so much on the net that he hasn’t been able to tell me anything ”.


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