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Boris Becker reveals to Alexander Zverev how to beat Novak Djokovic: “kick the door in”

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Alexander Zverev played eleven times in his career in a Grand Slam tournament against a top 10 player, eleven times the 24-year-old ended up five sets later at the latest. A terrifying record for someone who has already reached two major semi-finals and a final and has been among the top ten players in the world for years.

“Of course these are bare facts, that’s the way it is, but I don’t think he failed against Djokovic because of a weakness of his own,” said Eurosport expert Boris Becker on the recent elimination at the US Open in New York against the number one in the world. “There was a player on the other side who wanted to make history, was still fit enough physically and mentally and then played his best set in the 5th set, because you can’t Sascha (Alexander Zverev, editor’s note) Make blame. “

Becker currently does not believe in reproaching Germany’s best tennis player or even questioning his class at the very highest level. “I really liked the way he played,” said the tennis legend.


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“He played very aggressively throughout the tournament, whether that was on serve, which is an absolute bank again, or in return games. He often came to the network and was able to make his game variable. That is simply the best Zverev, I’ve seen so far. I don’t mind that he lost the 5th set against Djokovic. He just has to go on. “

Becker to Zverev: “kick the door down”

Becker, who trained Djokovic himself for a few years, knows exactly where the Serb’s weak points are and how you can theoretically beat him. The problem: there aren’t that many weak points – in some matches there aren’t any.

“I talked to Zverev afterwards and he asked me why it was,” Becker revealed. “So I said: ‘You, I can’t give you a reason now, but if you have the gate open against Djokovic and it’s only very narrowly open – kick in the door, that’s the chance!'”

In any case, the six-time Grand Slam winner sees Germany’s top player Zverev on the right path to soon following in his footsteps and becoming the first German man since himself to win one of the four major tournaments. The number four in the world doesn’t even have to change anything.

Becker: “If he just keeps going like this, then for me he will be the next member of the young guard whose turn it is to win a Grand Slam. I think he is even stronger than Tsitsipas (number three in the world, editor’s note. Red.). “

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