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Betting online from abroad – how to bet from different countries in 2021

by archysport

Sports betting and online casinos are both increasing in popularity and adoption. And it’s only natural. Several key states in the US have recently legalized online sports betting within mid-2020 and early-2021. Widespread adoption is likely to boost the traffic of online bettors by a lot.

However, many websites are blocked in certain regions or countries. This is usually done to avoid any trouble regarding the legality of online sports betting. Companies that run such operations like to keep the operations within their country or jurisdiction.

But it’s entirely possible to access these blocked websites.

Best sites for online betting

Here are 20 of the best sites for online sports betting globally:

  1. Bet365
  2. Sbobet
  3. Pinnacle
  4. BookMaker
  5. William Hill
  6. Sports Interaction
  7. IO Bet
  8. Intertops
  9. Youwager
  10. 888 Sport
  11. Lucky99
  12. ag
  13. Betfair
  14. Ladbrokes
  15. Nitrogen Sports
  16. BetPOP
  17. Skybet
  18. Betway
  19. Unibet
  20. Galaxy Sports

Note that these websites offer different features and come with different bells and whistles. For example, some might:

  • Accept cryptocurrency payments,
  • Allow you to bet on a wide array of sports including horse racing,
  • Offer great welcome bonuses,
  • Give many free perks to their users,

And so on. You need to compare the features, offers, payment options, and withdrawal minimums to figure out which online sports betting website will be the best option for you


Do’s and don’ts of online betting

Betting online can be lucrative. But it’s important to know that not everyone makes a profit. More than the knowledge of the sport or historical data, you need to be adept in the skill of betting itself. This skill can only be perfected over time.

  • Always start small.
  • Don’t overestimate your skill solely because of your sports knowledge.
  • Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose initially.
  • Know how to find opportunities between the odds and lines.
  • Depend on data and learn from the best.
  • Do your research before you start betting.
  • Don’t make accounts on insecure betting websites even if they offer great perks.

Can you use VPN for betting in restricted countries?

Yes. A VPN connection can be used to unblock betting websites that are blocked in your region or country. And you can always play some slots on gclub.org when you are tired of betting on sports.

Using a VPN not only allows you to pretend to be accessing from another region (thereby passing any regional restrictions or content censorship) but additionally allows you to stop geo-tracking in its track.

Geo-tracking is a process that is used to know your physical location by your internet usage. Whenever you access any content on the internet, the IP address attached to your device is logged. This IP address is directly linked to your location. Everyone from your internet service provider and the government to a professional hacker can ascertain where you’re accessing particular content from.

Using a VPN shields you against that. It makes your browsing private and anonymous.

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