Benzema worried in Madrid, Deschamps responsible?

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After having hoped for so many years for his return to the France team, can Karim Benzema pay for his reappearance under the orders of Didier Deschamps with Real Madrid? In any case, this is the observation that worries the daily AS, well aware that seeing Benzema now absent during international gatherings is a danger for Real Madrid.

Benzema has had no rest since returning to Blue

In recent years, Benzema was indeed used to taking advantage of these gatherings to perfect his physical condition and rest before chaining the deadlines with the club merengue. What he can no longer do now that his return to the France team is confirmed.

To avoid too much playing time, Ancelotti would therefore have only one solution: to turn his team to the center-forward position. Problem, solutions are rare .. Jovic does not give satisfaction, Mariano is not at all in the plans of the Italian coach. Only possibility, to play an offensive element (Hazard, Bale or Rodrygo) in false nine. Not really anything to reassure on the side of Madrid …

to summarize

Karim Benzema has found the France team in addition to Real Madrid for a few months. What to raise some concerns in Madrid. The Spanish press underlines in fact that the playing time of KB9 is likely to increase significantly.



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