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Benfica – Barcelona: The best thing is to leave: Koeman from the bench and Bara from Europe

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Tiene razn Koeman when he says that this is what there is, that with these wickers you are not here to fight for great titles. Certain. East Bara is limited, but that limitation begins with the same bench. Koeman has many virtues as a promoter of young talent, but he also has his flaws as a strategist, as a man capable of changing a game from the wing. In normal times, the logical thing would be that Koeman was on the street in the next few hours, but Bara has long made the extraordinary his way of life.

Champions League (J2): summary and goals of Benfica 3-0 Barcelona

Europe He returned to bring the colors to Barcelona. It was shown once again that the Catalan team is not at the level of the best in the Old Continent. At least not of those who play the Champions League. Equal for Europa League I know it gives them, but for that they will have to be third group. Right now, not even that is clear. Perhaps the best thing would be to forget about Europe and spend a season tucked under the blanket.

Darwin’s goal (1-0) at Benfica 3-0 Barcelona

We are going to accept that Eric Garca be a piece of powerhouse for the next ten years. Okay, we bought, although that remains to be seen. For now, until you get there, the truth is that it is a problem for your team. Slow and soft, the first goal of the Benfica leaves him portrayed. It’s not the first time. Darwin he does the maneuver at a training pace and it is enough for him to leave it behind. We also put in the pack a Marc-Andr Ter Stegen, which right now is the shadow of the goalkeeper he once was.

Luuk de Jong’s black night: two failures that ignite Barcelona

Luke de Jong He had chances to turn the game around, but he doesn’t seem like the kind of strikers you can get up on a European night. In fact, there are a handful of First Division teams where Luuk will not start. And not only Sevilla, who got rid of it. Also from those below in the table.

Pedri was, next to Frenkie de Jong, of the little salvageable of this Barcelona. It was not noticed what came from standing. The canary misses someone who understands him above.

Should Koeman continue to lead Barcelona?


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